The Detail in the Autism!

Autism….details are important!

I want to tell you a story!  A story of where social appropriateness and autism clash but the perpetrator is totally unaware.  The story is about my friend Todd and Osborn who are both on the autistic spectrum, so actually it’s all OK, but to outsiders may appear….well….rude.

My adorable friend Todd was on a radio show about a month ago as the World Cup was just starting. The radio station was running a charity fund raiser asking people to ‘give up’ and donate the money to charity.  Todd, not engaging his brain prior to engaging his mouth, instantly declared, on air, that he would give up alcohol for the entire duration of the competition!  


A well deserved ‘Thumbs Up’  for you, Todd!!

He’s a man of his word, as all people on the spectrum are, so he duly stuck by his declaration and hadn’t touched a drop until the last whistle blew last night.  As a celebration, as well as obviously having a drink, he proudly commented on his Facebook status that he’d done it.  Good on him!

Several people commented saying they were proud of him etc….as you would.  Comment number 4 however was from my very own Osborn, not a ‘well done’, not a ‘I’m impressed’……no…..’How much did you donate?’!

How typical of Osborn!  No social nicety, just cold hard facts.  In Osborn’s mind it’s not about how well you’ve done, it’s about how much you raised for charity, it’s about the ‘bottom line’!  I duly added a comment after his saying ‘Typical Osborn’, to which Todd replied, ‘Detail…it’s important you know!’.

But it wasn’t Osborn’s attention to detail that tickled me, it was the fact that he is totally unaware that one wouldn’t normally ask the question in the first place as it’s considered ‘Not the done thing’ in polite society.  It’s just one of the autistic minds idiosyncrasies and I love them for it.  Why shouldn’t he be allowed to ask?

He has actually redeemed himself slightly the last time I looked by commenting ‘Well done!  I didn’t think you raised that much’.  Whether that’s an observation on how much Todd drinks normally or just an exclamation that he’s impressed with the amount he’s donated is up for debate but, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I will assume the latter.

I am proud of Todd, not for giving up alcohol for a month, but for sticking to his word as I knew he would.  He is a man of his word and I love him for it!

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