The ‘Eurovision Song Contest’…..or is it ????

Oh boy….every year ‘The Eurovision Song Contest’ causes me to collapse on the floor with uncontrollable laughter !  Is it because the songs and artists are so bad ?   No !  It’s all to do with my children as always.

Every year it brings up the subject of geography which regular readers will already know is something that gives me hours of fun !!  A few years ago it was Mirie questioning why China isn’t in it becasue she felt they would win !!!  The ensuing discussion about where China is in relation to Europe was hilarious.

This year it was Osborn’s turn !  Now I must explain that this comment wouldn’t have been anywhere near as funny if it wasn’t for the fact that he is SO intelligent ( probably a genuine genius ! ) and therefore his comment last night was even funnier !

We joined the show after Britain’s got Talent which is compulsive Saturday night viewing in our house so we’d ( thankfully ) missed the first 8 songs.  Why thankfully ?  Because I have an inherent dislike of the blasted thing along with most people I know.  This probably accounts for why we never win these days, the rest of Europe seem to take the whole thing a lot more seriously than we do.  I get the feeling from the general apathy towards it that we enter in the spirit of ” Oh God, here we go again !  Have to be seen to be enthusiastically participating, but, really….?”

Anyway, back to Osborn !  We’d been watching for a few minutes and the subject of why certain countries were in the contest came up as always.  As the European map seems to change daily I have never heard of some of those countries never mind be able to explain why they are there !  So….out of the blue Osborn pipes up with ” Are European countries from over the world allowed to enter ?”.

Now I’m ashamed to admit that whilst I knew exaclty what he meant, I did fall to pieces with the giggles much to his disgust.  The following conversation went on for about 20 minutes with me laughing so much I couldn’t speak and Osborn trying desperately to explain what he meant !

Bless him…he didn’t deserve it.  He was, of course, talking about places like the Falklands which are technically British and whether they were allowed to enter.  Trouble is, because of the general lack of geographical knowledge in the house it doesn’t take much to set me off !!!

Anyway, it’s Jamie’s birthday so the celebrations are about to commence !!!!

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