The Exercise Bike Beckons!

Long Overdue!

I’m feeling good!  Is it the success of the book?  Well, yes, partly. Is it the fact I’m on the BBC World Service at Broadcasting House tomorrow?  Yes, of course that’s a factor.  Is it that I’m on Radio Europe on Thursday and Irish TV on the 24th July amongst lots of other things?  Yes, that’s all adding to the feel good factor.  But the real reason is that I’ve just done my first proper workout for more months than I care to remember!

Hmmmm….I’m not my usual ‘trim’ self!

There’s been a huge amount of c**p in my life over the last couple of years due to something that shall remain unspoken of until my next book comes out in a few months.  Suffice it to say though, that our lives were almost destroyed by one selfish and extremely uncaring individual who had no qualms about putting our future into jeopardy.

Training has been the last thing I’ve had time for even though over many years I’ve kept myself extremely fit.  Having broken a bone in my foot last year and hobbling on crutches combined with the lack of exercise has meant I’ve gained a lot of weight and feel awful!  Putting on weight doesn’t bother me so much from an appearance point of view but the way it makes me feel and the subsequent lack of energy really is the pits.

So, without sufficient funds to be able to join a gym, I’ve decided to do what I’ve never been able to do and workout at home.  I don’t quite get the psychology of why it’s so hard to do it here but I think it must be the distractions, there is always something else I should be getting on with staring me right in the face!

Anyway, after weeks of meaning to do it and putting it off I finally decided this morning on rising that it was no longer an option.  My life has become even more ridiculously busy than ever with constant trips to London, Cardiff etc….for radio and TV interviews that not feeling I have my usual amount of ‘Tigger like’ bounce is no longer acceptable.  Enter the exercise bike et al! 

After 40 minutes of hard hitting, non-stop, body punishing training I actually feel energised!  To be honest I’m not as unfit as I feared, maybe thanks to years of previous dedication?  This isn’t rocket science, we all know that regular exercise is critically important and having been a regular gym goer for so many years I’m only too well aware of how great I feel when I’m fit!

And so it is that anyone daring to appear after the kids have left for school will be rewarded with the sight of a sweaty, mature lady throwing herself around with gay abandon in the name of getting fit, losing weight and toning my (actually not so flabby) muscles.  

I would like to offer my sincere, advance apologies to anyone who unwittingly enters the house on such an occasion.  You have been warned!!

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