The fish saga continues…..disaster!

More fish drama’s!

Mono and Chrome, the new goldfish ( Oranda’s actually) have been doing really well.  No sign of any illness, no swimming as though they’ve been on the piss and no dying!  Happy days.  Have we finally cracked it?  Errrrr….well, yes and no.  The fish saga continues!

Mirie and Osborn were sent to Pet’s at Home at the weekend to get some shrimps.  They eat all the rubbish in the bottom of the tank keeping it cleaner for longer and giving the fish a better, happier environment to live in.  All good stuff.  However, (you knew there had to be a ‘but’), whilst there they spotted a lovely looking fish called a ‘Paradise fish’ so they bought one having checked that it could live happily alongside the Oranda’s.  No problem, the tank is big enough so we happily added it to the crew.  All was well until we spotted him chasing Mono all the time. He was developing white marks on his side, not fungus so we were a little bit bewildered.


Mono’s ragged fins 🙁


…..and his poor eye missing….



Then disaster struck.  Osborn came home from school yesterday afternoon and looked at the fish.  Mono was missing one eye!  He was hiding under the plant and looking extremely unhappy.  I was collecting Nikita from college and received a panic stricken phone call from Osborn telling me what had happened.  He was obviously genuinely traumatised and was asking if he should put him out of his misery.  We were only a few minutes from home so I insisted they do nothing until my imminent return.  On watching carefully they realised that the Paradise fish was attacking Mono so they promptly removed him from the tank.  He is now in detention in another tank in solitary confinement!

I suggested Osborn Google Paradise fish and see if they were prone to being nasty bullies.  He then announced that apparently the females are fine but the males can be very aggressive.  We’d obviously acquired an alpha bloke!  I’ve had goldfish survive all sorts over the years so I decided to give Mono a chance and leave him overnight and see how he was this morning.  I fully expected to come down and find him very much deceased but to my utter surprise he had emerged from under the plant and was swimming around!  I gave them some food and he even ate some……. when he finally managed to find it!  He obviously hasn’t adjusted yet to only having one eye and is bumping into everything and struggling to find the food as it falls but at least he’s eating which  seems like a very good sign!


Osborn and Mirie are now feeling guilty as they were the ones who bought the new fish but I’ve assured them that the fault does not lie with them.  They were told that it would be ok so there can be no blame directed at them.  Chrome seems to have got off fairly lightly with just a slightly shredded tail and otherwise appears to be ok.  I have both of them in intensive care at the moment making sure they’re not showing signs of distress but so far so good.

…and what of Rainbow?  Well, he will stay in solitary confinement until I can find the time to take him back to the shop later today.  I want compensation!!!

And the Shrimps?

Bloody useless!  They haven’t moved away from the plant since we got them.  So much for  them foraging on the bottom of the tank and clearing away the fish poo!  I might just take them back as well!




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