The Mad Shanks Residence and the Annual Easter Challenge!

It’s Easter (for those of you that hadn’t noticed!), and Easter in The Mad Shanks Residence means two things, The Annual Easter Challenge and the Easter Hunt!  As our house is in 13 acres, the Easter Hunt is not as simple as some may be, but with seven children and the inevitable extra people who attend it, it can’t help but be anything other than chaos.

4 Years Ago

Over the years the children have painted ‘Easter Sheep’, made Easter Bonnets, made slightly questionable Easter chocolates, Easter bags etc….etc….  This frolic is followed by the egg hunt, at times having to keep a hat on their heads or even with their legs tied together (more for my hilarious benefit than anything else!), searching for chocolates that have been spread out over the entire field, in barns, up trees and anywhere else I can reach!

Midday tomorrow will see the mayhem start and who knows what will happen?  The kids certainly have no idea yet, and nor will they until the clock strikes 12, then it’s against the clock to complete their challenge.  I already know what they have in store of course and I’m definitely looking forward to the end result, I will report back tomorrow with photos!

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