The Mad Shanks Residence: Have your cake…..all of it!

Yesterday I told you about Osborn and his ‘nail clippers’, (he still insists they do the job just fine!), so today I thought I would share a little about The Mad Shanks Residence’s eating rituals.

You may have already gathered that, generally, we’re not a family that conforms to any type of acceptable ‘normal’, but it is OUR normal, and let’s face it, every family has their own type of normal that may seem a little odd to the rest of us.

Recently, the term ‘sugar-free’ has been bandied about a lot, Mirie has been completely sugar free for several moths now and is adamant she won’t go back, I’m very proud of her.  Nikita, Lorie and I have dabbled with it, Lorie with more success than Nikita and I and she’s done very well.  The whole thing has certainly made all of us more aware of how much hidden sugar is in everything which can’t be a bad thing.

Even Lorie though, has slipped off the wagon a little bit recently, partly due to requiring some type of comfort through a difficult time and chocolate offering the perfect solution!  Anything in moderation is fine, I believe, so her little halo slip was quite ok, however, when she walked into the sitting room with a whole Red Velvet cake, still in the wrapper and a fork, I was slightly taken aback.

She hadn’t noticed me watching her so it was with an element of bemusement that I observed her eating from the entire cake.  I had wrongly assumed that she may have cut herself  slice and was too lazy to get a plate, I was wrong, she was fully intending to eat as much it as she wanted, finishing off whatever was left later on! (photographic evidence below of course!)


…..Red Handed!!!

I think her face in the second photo says it all…BUSTED LORIE!

I have a camera, and contrary to popular opinion around here, I know how to use it!  More lighthearted moments from The Mad Shanks Residence to follow, watch this space!



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