The Mad Shanks Residence: Stranger Danger!

My children are constantly making new friends everywhere they go, and often bring them home.  What we affectionately call ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’ doesn’t go by that name for no reason, anything can happen here and, more often than not, anything does!

We had a new friend here last night who probably left absolutely bewildered!  He walked through the door to Lorie deciding we should do a group meditation session in her bedroom.  Six of us followed her, including our ‘newbie’, to see that Lorie had already lit some candles and placed them in a circle on the floor.  We all duly took our places in a circle on the floor around the candles and Lorie found some mediation music on her phone.

We all closed our eyes, focused on our breathing and cleared our minds, 30 seconds in and Mirie piped up, “Is that Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?”, she asked.  Everyone sprung back to life and listened, sure enough it was, albeit in a soothing form but Mirie had lost it by this point, she just found it too funny.  Lorie searched for something a little more ‘Zen’ and we started again.

All went well, except, about 10 minutes in I (and it turned out everyone else as well) was starting to focus more on who was going to end it and wondering if I should take the ‘Bull by the horns’ and bring everyone back.  Just as I arrived at the point where it was starting to feel as though everyone was ready, Lorie broke the silence and suggested we all start to slowly come back and wiggle our fingers and toes.

Watching our poor new friend compliantly wiggling his extremities caused me wonder what on earth he could possibly be thinking of us?  How often do you walk into a house with a person you’ve only just met and end up in someone’s bedroom meditating on the floor around a load of candles, all I can say is, thank goodness Lorie decided to bypass the chanting!

Looking for a bizarre night out?  Look no further, we’re waiting for you!

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