The nightmare that is…..HS2 Petitioning


It’s Sunday, it’s fabulous weather outside, and goodness knows how much more like this we will get, and I’m stuck inside trying to get my head round the ‘monster’ known as Petitioning!  To say I was frustrated and pissed off would be the greatest understatement of the century, I am angry beyond belief.

This is precious time that I could be spending with my children or working to earn money to support them.  How cruel that so many of us have to spend our precious time and energy fighting for our basic human rights on an issue we don’t even want.  I would love to know how many man hours collectively have gone into our efforts of understanding our rights and trying to find a way to make the best of an impossible situation.

I will fight tooth and nail for my wonderful children.  After all, they are the ones who will still be paying for HS2 for many years to come!

I also wonder how much compensation a private company would have to pay for the incredible level of stress that has been placed on so many thousands of people?  Someone who suffers stress in the workplace and can prove it (as we all can!) would have to pay to compensate that person, surely the government isn’t above this basic principle and should also being compensating those worst affected for their stress and related illnesses?
But, of course not, they are above such laws and are legally allowed to destroy people’s lives without so much as a backward glance or an ounce of empathy.  4 years of uncertainty, wasted time, enormous effort and an agonising level of mis-information and secrecy from HS2 has left a lot of us exhausted and unable to plan our futures…..and this is all quite legal.

I saw my MP on Friday and as he told me, I can either apply for the EHS, and we know how forthcoming that has been, or tough, live with it.  If I apply for EHS the money won’t cover the mortgage on the house so that’s not an option which means we all have to just ‘Shut up and Put up’.

Well I don’t believe I’m prepared to settle for that and as the saying goes “Hell hath no fury like a mother who’s children are being threatened” (far more accurate than the original in my opinion!) so I will fight on.  I will fight on the legislative level and I will fight via the media, fair means or foul, I have no compunction either way.  My family is under threat and I will no way tolerate that under any circumstances.  Watch this space and keep the faith all those affected, after all, it’s not over until the fat lady sings!

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