The Plague!

Life changing experiences!

The above can take many forms, epiphanies can strike in the most unusual ways at the most unpredictable times.  Friday morning I was up bright and early having returned from Tenerife where time had little meaning, back into the routine of dragging kids out of bed in time for school taxis, lunch boxes, school runs etc….

I’d just about reached the point where I could actually start my day when a bedraggled Chris  ( my adopted son by another Mum!) emerged from one of the unoccupied bedrooms.  I offered him a lift home when I went into town which he gratefully accepted but then changed his mind and told me he didn’t have much on that day and was there anything I would like him to do?  Now, he knows me well enough to be aware that that’s a dangerous question in our house as there’s always so much that needs to be done so I knew he hadn’t asked the question lightly!

Awwww…..aint he cute?

After a few moments of thought, I asked him if he would mind sorting the kitchen drawers, especially the one that contained a plague of plastic boxes with mismatched lids.  I’ve actually got a feeling that this particular plague is rampant across the globe and spreading like wildfire.  It’s a dangerous thing, causing drawers to not close, spilling out of the front, sides and back blocking the drawers ability to close and transforming it’s victims from mild mannered human beings into green eyed, murderous maniacs.  Me included!

Our particular strain of this plague has been in my life for as many years as I can possibly remember and my ability to deal with the symptoms of said plague have not diminished over the years one bit.  Chris, being Chris, happily agreed to apply himself to the job which I believed would take about an hour.  Having managed to create the most viable solution I have ever come across which might actually work for the containers he’d decided to turn his attention onto other things.  Five hours later he was surrounded by what seemed to be every item in the kitchen, desperately trying to create some form of order.  When questioned he admitted to ‘getting carried away’ somewhat and decided after sorting the blasted containers that he would go on and sort the cupboards, shelves etc…

I was and am eternally grateful to him, he’s done a fantastic job of creating a simplified system for virtually everything and I pray it stays that way!  Maybe the plague will be kept under control from now on preventing the murderous maniac from reappearing and threatening any life form that may have the misfortune to be in the vicinity at the time!

Maybe not an actual ‘epiphany’ but for me, definitely life changing!!

To my number 2 son……thank you so much….you are as always, welcome any time! xxxxx

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