The Pride of Warwick District Awards

I had a phone call a few weeks ago from a lovely lady called Jo Billings from Touch FM.  She was calling to tell me that I’d been nominated for The Pride of Warwick District Awards and was a finalist in the Carer of the Year category!!  I nearly fell over!!  The kids had mentioned something about nominating me but I hadn’t taken a lot of notice and my closest friend Vicki had said something about putting me forward but again I believed I didn’t stand a cat in hells chance and hadn’t taken much notice beyond thanking her.

To hear I was in the final three was nothing less than bizarre in my eyes.  What on earth had I done that warranted an award.  Looking at the other two more than worthy finalists confirmed my belief that it would be an amazing night out to look forward to but winning was just not possible.  I already felt more than humbled by the nominations, to be in the final three was more than enough recognition.

I went along with Lorie to record an interview with the fabulous bunch at Touch, Nick Jewers as always was brilliant in the questions he asked and we toddled off home.  Eventually the 5th July came around and I spent a happy couple of hours getting ready in a relaxed fashion to enjoy a fab night out.

The event was being held at The Chesford Grange Hotel which has had a chequered history but has been owned very successfully by Q hotels for a number of years now.  We were greeted on arrival with a glass of champagne and saw several people we knew and spent a happy first hour chatting outside in the sunshine before being called in for dinner.

Now, first of all I have to say that the food both veggie and non veggie which Vicki had was excellent.  Had I been served the same menu in a five star restaurant I would have been very happy but to mass cater for several hundred people at that standard was little more than a miracle of catering!!  My congratulations to the Chesford Grange for their major part in the evenings success.

I was as happy as I could be.  I had my best friend, good food, beautiful surroundings and a brilliantly organised event.  Having been an event organiser for thirty years I tend to be hyper critical of everything but I couldn’t fault the organisation in any way.  Later I asked if they had employed a professional and was told that the Touch team had done it all in house.  I was extremely impressed, they had done an amazing job in every way.  Well done guys!!!

Dinner over they started the awards.  By his time we knew Murray had won his match so Vicki and I were able to relax even more knowing that his place in the final was sealed!  Ollie started hosting the awards and people were going up very proudly to collect their beautifully designed trophies. 

I was still feeling extremely relaxed as they came to my category.  Hearing my name read out in the final three felt very strange and then the Mayoress of Leamington came up to announce the winner.  I was so convinced it couldn’t possibly be me that I had kicked my shoes off!! 

Suddenly I heard my name read out.  At first I thought I was hearing things but after a couple of seconds and hearing Vicki going wild behind me made me realise that I had been selected to win the award.  I walked towards the stage in an absolute daze wondering what the heck I was going to say as I hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever!

I remember walking onto the stage feeling grateful for sensible heels and not having had too much wine as the team on stage greeted me with hugs and kisses and words of congratulations. 

I still can’t really remember what I said, only that I think it was the first time in my life I’ve ever been lost for words!!  Our local MP Jeremy Wright was sitting in front of me and I did say something about never having nothing to say as he knew only too well!!  Bless him!

I spent the rest of the evening being congratulated by complete strangers and the Touch team who seemed to be delighted that I’d won!

We popped into after party for an hour or so and danced like idiots for a while and then got a taxi back to Vicki’s house.  We spent a couple of hours putting the world to rights having by this time had a very large amount of wine and finally called it a day at 3 am.

I was not only awake but actually bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8am so I got up to be followed shortly after by Vicki.  I  went home to be greeted by a very excited bunch of kids who all told me they knew I would win because I deserved it.  That in itself was incredibly heart warming.

My thanks to the judges who deemed me worthy of such an accolade, the children and Vicki who nominated me in the first place, the Touch team who did such an amazing job from start to finish in their usual happy, professional way and the hotel for organising a real night to remember.  You all deserve an award yourselves and what a wonderful way to recognise people who work so hard in their own individual ways to make Warwick District a place to be proud of.


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