The Shanks Family Dunkirk Spirit!

My garden looks an absolute mess apart from one small corner where I’m (successfully to my children’s amazement!) growing vegetables in pots!  It’s all work in progress and when it’s finally done it will be beautiful….emphasis there is on the ‘when’ bit.

The pond is nearly dug back sufficiently to get the liner out and build the waterfall.  Me not being one to make my life easy has decided that a waterfall is a must and as the pre-formed ones cost a fortune I’m going to build my own (gulp!).  I’ve looked at videos on line where the experts make it look ridiculously easy so I ‘know’ what I’m doing(?)

The big problem now is gathering enough people in the same place at the same time to actually be able to get the liner out which I suspect is not going to be as easy as one would think.  I am, however, determined that it will be done but with a TV VIP coming to visit on Monday I’m not quite sure what to do in the meantime to stop the garden looking like Steptoe’s yard!  Any viable suggestions gratefully received!

Having seven children and the constant dilemma of how to financially support them all, my time for trivia such as housework is very limited.  Add on to that the fact that everyone has been de-cluttering their rooms for England and you will still have no measure of the chaos in the house as well!  But somehow over the weekend we’ve got to make the house look ‘normal’.  After all, To the Outside World we are Just Another Normal Family!……or are we?

No doubt with my children’s usual ‘Dunkirk’ spirit the job will get done and between us we will be able to create a reasonable façade.  If not I will say to her what I say to everyone else entering The Mad Shanks Household…..”I used to lie and say it’s not normally like this but I’ve given up and now confess that it’s always like this!”

Well, honesty is normally the best policy after all!

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