The Shanks Team does it again!!!


Another prom successfully completed with another happy child!  With me on make up, Lorie on making sure she ate and putting her false eyelashes expertly in place, Mirie doing a perfect and beautiful job on her hair and Kacie primping and steaming ‘the dress’ within an inch of it’s life and she was set to go!!  Glass of Bucks Fizz in her hand we set off to drop her at school where the 16 seater limo was waiting.  We waved her off and she looked as happy as could be!

9.00pm we all duly arrived to collect her with glasses and another bottle of Bucks Fizz in hand and it looked as though they had all had the best time.  She then went off to carry on partying with her three older sisters which seemed very appropriate.

in the meantime I’d collected Osborn and Pippa after dropping Nikita off and had headed to north Coventry for their parents evening.  Once again I sat with teacher after teacher telling me how wonderful my children are and how incredibly well they are doing academically. Everything a parent wants to hear about their offspring!  I’m a very proud mummy today.

So….today it’s all about me which feels very strange!  It’s the Pride of Warwick District Awards tonight and I’m a finalist in the Carer of the Year category.  I’m absolutely gobsmacked that I was nominated in the first place but to find myself in the final three is just incredible.  I’m under no illusion that I might win as I’m up against two incredibly worthy opponents but I’m content and extremely humbled with just being a finalist.

Glad rags are ready, accessories selected and lift to Vicki’s house courtesy of Lorie sorted.  I know it will be an amazing night and fantastic fun so now the prom and everything else is out of the way I can relax a little and look forward to it.

Roll on 6.00pm!!!!

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