The Voice…Shouting and Warbling!

The Voice and Warbling!

Anyone else watching The Voice and ending up a bit stumped by the judges choices of who to put through?  We were watching last night and I really felt that Tom Barnwell should have been sent through to the next stage and he wasn’t.  Then Kenny was thrown off and no-one stole him!  What exactly are they waiting for?  Unless, of course, they already have their eye on someone in the other teams who they’re hoping to steal later down the line.

He should have gone through!

I know it’s down to personal taste and all that but is it just me or do the judges seem to base their decision on who can perform the most vocal acrobatics and sing the loudest?  And is that what good singing is all about?  On a personal level I dislike all the random warbling that ruins what is already a perfectly good song unless it’s occasional, fits the song and isn’t totally out of tune!

These shows do seem to reveal some excellent talent but I’m often left with the feeling that he/she who sings loudest will always win through.  Personally, I don’t like to be shouted at when listening to music, (maybe it’s an age thing?) and would rather listen to something I find enjoyable.  That doesn’t preclude modern music, I’m a big fan of lots of modern artists including quite a few Rappers and will normally happily listen to the kids music when they stick their iPhones in the music system.

So, no, I’m not a ‘fuddy duddy’ who thinks all modern music is a noise (unlike my father who hated the Beatles, Stones etc…), I just don’t like warbling for the sake of showing off what you can do.  That ,to me, doesn’t necessarily denote a talent that should be propelled forward into the stratospheres of fame.  As a wannabe singer myself (I wish!), I know only too well from my own pathetic efforts in the car that carrying a soft, controlled tune can be a lot harder than shrieking away to a rock anthem.

So, am I moaning?  Hmmmm….I guess I am really.  The children tell me I’m a nightmare to watch these programmes with as I get so cross when my chosen one doesn’t get through.  However, having been involved on one level or another with the entertainment industry for more than 35 years I do feel I have a little bit of knowledge in this area and use this as justification to rant!

All the same, it’s funny how no-one who has so far won The Voice has been seen or heard from again?……Isn’t it?

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