They’re at it again!

We have lots of fascinating conversations in our house, you know, the kind that have visitors screwing their faces up in pure bewilderment as they desperately try to follow the narrative that constitutes the type of mental reasoning my children employ.

Firstly, Lorie and Mirie are busy organising a school reunion for their fellow students from The Croft, a wonderful school  which they attended when they were in primary school.  We were discussing the logistics of where to hold it etc… when we got to discussing the various attendees.  Now, bear in mind that I had seven children at that school, all with their own circle of friends, that’s a lot to keep up with and I’ve always struggled to remember them all, so Mirie was doing her best to jog my memory on a couple of names.


They're at it again!

Fortunately, my children have all ‘grown into their teeth’ beautifully!!

In an effort for me to remember, she described a couple of them and I managed to vaguely remember one of them, she said he had big teeth!  That brought to mind a couple of young boys so I encouraged her to expand my recall by asking her if it was the one she fancied?  NO!, came the rapid response, apparently Lorie had fancied the other one with ‘big teeth’.

Pippa then piped up,asking if they still had big teeth to which Mire said “No, you grow into your teeth!”.  That did it, the giggles set in well and truly, although I could see exactly what she was saying, it did sound somewhat bizarre.

Then I was busy helping Jamie put together a particularly difficult email regarding a person at work, I was helping her to make her point but in a professional and courteous way.  We stumbled at the first hurdle, what to put as the header for the email?

I told her to make it businesslike by putting Ref: (colon) ‘persons name’.  She instantly asked why she should put ‘colon’ to which I replied that it was just a way of making it clear that the email was about that particular person.  Now, we all know that my children take things literally and after five minutes of discussion about why ‘colon’ should be there, it finally transpired that she thought I was asking her to write the word ‘colon’, wondering why we had any need to mention the guys digestive system in the header!

I roared!  If there is anything to misinterpret in The Mad Shanks Household, it will surely be misinterpreted to the maximum!  These silly moments happen so frequently that I forget most of them but some stick in my memory so I share them here in the hope that it might raise a smile amongst my readers.  Apparently it works.  Having just collected my new glasses, the lady dispensing them to me told me that she had stumbled upon the blog I wrote about putting the Christmas decorations up and it had made her howl!  Always so good to know that once in a while you can make people laugh with silty anecdotes and brighten up peoples day.

I will keep doing it for as long as I can, so whether you love them or hate them (I advise not reading at all if that’s the case!), they will keep coming and, hopefully, raise the occasional smile!

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