This is fascinating about how our brains work!!

I saw my therapist yesterday.  Yes….I have a therapist!  He is the only one I have met over the last five years who has managed to enable me to understand myself better and therefore enable me to cope with my complicated life in a more constructive way.

Yesterday we were talking about the three circles of the brain.  Fascinating and might just help a few of you out there to understand how your brain is governing how you are feeling?  Now, I’m no expert but the basic principle is very simple.  When tested using MRI scanners researchers have been able to identify which parts of the brain ‘light up’ when certain things happen.

The first circle is THREAT.  This is the most primeval part of our brain which governs the fight or flight syndrome and occurs when things happen in our life that threaten our basic survival.  Obviously these days this is less about being eaten by a Sabre Tooth Tiger and more about money worries etc…

The second one is DRIVE.  This is what keeps us striving forward to achieve more or just give us the motivation to get out of bed on time so as not to be late for work, cooking meals for our family etc…

The third is COMFORT.  This is the state of mind we enter when we are content and happy.  Relaxing in front of the TV does not necessarily mean we are in a state of comfort if the brain is still working nineteen to the dozen on the problems in our lives.  It’s a real state of mind where we feel truly feel as though nothing is bothering us.

On discussion yesterday I mentioned that on my recent trip to the Peace Festival I felt strangely, well, content!  A strange feeling for me!!  We then went on to explore further and Dan (who knows me extremely well!) muted that I spend my entire life in Threat and Drive mode.  My life is complicated and the worries are constant.  I’m also highly driven to solve the problems and go to extreme lengths to make sure I have all bases covered when anything threatening is on the horizon.  Nikita trialling at mainstream college being a great example.  I’ve had endless meeting with numerous schools and colleges, teachers and psychiatrists.  Put endless fall back strategies into place and spent endless hours communicating with everyone involved in order to enable everyone to understand her needs.

When someone lives in this constant heightened state of vigilance it takes it’s toll.  Living on adrenaline is not a good thing and Dan has encouraged me to realise that sometimes I’ve done everything that can be done to mitigate a situation and can simply do no more rather than constantly seeking for more solutions.

So…my goal now is to try to find a way of getting back to that feeling at the Peace Festival for a few minutes every day in order to give my body and brain a brief respite in a life which offers none!!!

The above is very much a lay mans understanding of this principle but maybe we should all view out lives in this way and find a little more inner peace?  Good luck!!

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