Throwing my rattle out of my cot!!!!

It’s confession time!  I threw my rattle out of my cot yesterday.  It’s not something I’m often guilty of, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I did it!  Yesterday was a particularly frustrating day though.

Firstly I decided that as it’s the summer holidays we should get the pond finished so that everyone can enjoy having their friends over and chilling around as they did when it was first done about five years ago.  Having become overgrown over the last three years it was no longer enjoyable to sit round it, hence the ripping out and liner change that we’ve finally managed to get done.

The last piece of the jigsaw id installing the waterfall.  I went to the garden centre on Saturday and bought the hose and clips for the pump.  All well and good, except when I got home I didn’t have the hose!  I’d left it on the counter!  I therefore grudgingly went back Sunday morning to pick it up. Having retrieved my hose I arrived home declaring to everyone that it wasn’t a complicated job and it would be done by the end of the day.

Three hours in and I decided to have a break from heaving monstrously heavy rocks around and get the pump set up.  The instructions were absolute rubbish and I spent 40 minutes twisting and turning numerous tubes and connectors in every direction trying to work the damn thing out.  Now, I know I’m now stupid but I was basing my lack of progress on the belief that I was being a complete moron!  It was only after the passage of considerable time that I realised that the way I had tried to put it together in the first place was correct and that the lady in the shop had sold me the wrong sized pipe!

After having already made two trips to blasted place I was certainly not happy knowing I was going to have to make a third!  Hence the rattle being summarily thrown out of the cot!  Added to all the above was the fact that whatever position we put all the rocks in the water just would not flow where I wanted it to.  I announced that I was giving up (obviously I wasn’t but I needed to get a grip and calm down) and Jamie came to the rescue and spent two hours building the mound higher so that we could get a better fall…bless her.

It’s still not finished but it will be just as soon as I can find some time to get back on it.  I never, ever give in!!

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