Time to call in the men in white suits !!

A very late blog today thanks to having too much work to get done and an unscheduled visit to PC World !  I spent an hour this morning working hard on the new book proposal and suddenly my computer crashed !  Not funny, all the formatting and writing I’d done…..lost !  After I’d completed every expletive I could muster numerous times I decided that I couldn’t risk losing the 200,000 words I have on my laptop along with numerous photos etc…and therefore a trip to PC World suddenly became the number one priority.

I have a real love/hate relationship with technology.  When it works as it should I love it !  When it starts playing up I get extremely cheesed off !  Whilst being the biggest gadget freak on the planet I also lose patience very quickly when it suddenly refuses to play !  It’s the same with cars, great when they work and horrific when they don’t. 

Mind you, am I the only person who actually answers the woman on the automated check out in Tesco ?  Normally a load of expletives as she tells me for the fifth time to place the item  into the bagging area, that I have just placed into the bagging area !!!!  I also find myself telling her over and over again that I have scanned my Clubcard and there is no ‘unknown item in the bagging area’ !  When she thanked me for shopping at Tesco when I was in there yesterday I even found myself telling her ‘she was welcome !’

I’m fully aware that I’m slightly (?) nuts and yes, I do blame my children as most parents do but……really ? Have I completely lost the plot ?  Maybe it’s time to call in the little men in white suits, my kids certainly think so !!!!

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