Time Travel and Cheese!

Time Travel…….

Nah…..I’m not really going to talk about time travel although it might be an interesting one to explore?  Another time maybe?  No, this one was inspired by Jamie finding some ‘Science Geek’ jokes.

If you read this regularly you already know that Osborn’s nickname is ‘Sheldon’, he of the Big Bang Theory.  The resemblance in looks and personality is uncanny although Osborn would beg to differ…..quite loudly!  That, however, doesn’t alter the fact that everyone who knows him agrees with the comparison.

I couldn’t help but think of Osborn and Sheldon with every joke she read out, imagining what their answers would be and just knowing that they would pick holes in every single one using further scientific evidence to prove their case!  One of the jokes went as follows:-

A group of Science Nerds protesting outside their university, chanting-

“What do we want?”

“Time travel!”

When do we want it?”


I got the giggles, as I often do.  It was no wonder then that when Kacie entered the room and started telling us about a horrible nightmare she’d had about a dead, fat man stuffed into a black wicker urn we use as a container for brooms and mops and stuff, that I lost it again.

Apparently in her dream we held a party and used this as an ornament on the table, to which Kacie was protesting loudly that she didn’t feel it was appropriate!  When it fell on top of Pippa and scattered the decaying part of the lower body (maggots and all) all over her and also injuring her, my response was that she was fine.  According to Kacie, Pippa was absolutely fine about it as well.

Guaranteed to give Jamie nightmares!!

Kacie was very distraught about the dream, whilst I tried desperately to get the bizarre images out of my head in order to stop the giggling, to no real effect.  Kacie got cross and just as I felt I was winning and becoming more sensible, Jamie raised her recent nightmare which involved being chased by a giant block of cheese!

She had also been very disturbed about this particular dream and was trying to stress to me how this had had a terrible effect on her.  She couldn’t have done anything worse!  As I squeaked in the corner trying to stifle a particularly extreme bout of giggling, both girls were getting more and more angry about my apparent lack of concern. It’s not that I wasn’t concerned about the bizarre nightmares, it was the subject matter and my ever over-active imagination running away with itself.

Maybe these dreams are trying to tell them what I’ve known for years…..life in the Mad Shanks Household has taught us that what is bizarre to most, is actually perfectly normal to us!

Now how did I get from Time Travel to giant blocks of cheese………..?

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