Time Travel…..yes!!

Day re-start?

I talk a lot about Osborn because he’s such a star and is also a constant source of amusement to us all.  Whilst all of his sisters are true drama queens he is a scientific genius with the most enquiring mind I have ever known.  He ‘s never content with what he learns in science classes at school and always comes home and Googles whatever it is they haven’t covered that he believes they should have done!  He arrived home yesterday moaning that they had been learning about the carbon cycle at school but he wanted to know what happens a molecular level which they hadn’t done.  Google to the rescue again.

One of his favourite fascinations is time travel and we have endless discussions about things like, ‘if you stopped time and moved to a different position, when time started again where would you be standing?’  HUH?  How does he even come up with the question never mind expecting me to have the answer?  The ensuing discussion normally lasts about an hour as we try to unravel the technicalities and arrive at a logical conclusion.

Poor Osborn living with 7 women but he’ll win in the end!

He could have his uses

Whilst I’m unable to answer his questions in the enormous detail he requires, his reasoning does pose some interesting scenarios.  My life seems to become ever busier.  I was under the misconception that as the children got older I would become less busy and therefore have more time for the things I would like to do.  Nothing could be further from the truth as I battle every day with what appear to be fewer and fewer hours in a day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life most of the time.  I’m doing what I want to do and getting where I want to get to in life, things are coming together slowly but surely.

However, imagine a situation where I could finish my day and then step into Osborn’s time machine and arrive back at seven in the morning and have all of that time all over again!  How many of you out there are sighing and wishing for the same?  I could have the day over and over again until I’d finished everything I needed to do!  I could then go to bed, have a full nights sleep and start all over again if I wanted to, sounds like bliss to me.  No more getting up at four in the morning just to gain a few hours!

No doubt I would encounter a few ‘snags’ with the above but I reckon the benefits would far outweigh the negatives.  I don’t know how many of you finish each day having completed every task you should have done but it must be a blissful feeling?  I end every day knowing that I still have a mountain of stuff that urgently needs doing but never seems to arrive at the top of the ‘list’.

Sheldon (sorry, Osborn!) hurry up!

We tease Osborn about the similarities between him and Sheldon but I reckon when he does live on his own his house will resemble Sheldon’s very closely except he’ll have his own personal time machine sitting in the corner!  For every ones sake I hope he invents his time machine soon but I’ve got ‘dibs’ on the first one….sorry!!

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