To Manicure or not to Manicure?

Lifelong Firsts and Manicures

No matter how old you are there is a first time for everything.  Big things, little things, inconsequential things and extremely important things.  Sometimes you can reach quite an advanced age and not experience what a lot of people would regard as being pretty standard.

You guessed it, I’m in that position myself right now and every time I tell people I’m greeted with raised eyebrows and a look reminiscent of absolute horror!  This must be something enormous you’re all thinking…….hmmmm….no, not at all.  So what is it that’s raising so much concern for my well being?

So looking forward to my first ever manicure…thank you Dawn!

I’m having my first ever manicure on Friday!  Oh…’re all thinking….is that all?  Yes, that’s it!  Not a big deal me thinks but the reaction I’ve had to the news, even from my own children, has been extraordinary!  Apparently, everyone has a manicure for special occasions etc…if not as a regular part of ones weekly routine.  

Well, I’m afraid not me.  I’ve always ‘grown my own’ and given them whatever attention I feel necessary and that I have time for.  This obviously varies from just hacking them all off when they get too long and I haven’t got time to do the job properly to sitting down on a Saturday evening and giving them a couple of hours TLC whilst watching The Voice.

To hack, or not to hack?

Fortunately or unfortunately (I can never decide which) my nails and hair grow like the proverbial grass meaning I always resemble a shaggy dog peering out from under my fringe, no matter how recently I’ve had my hair cut.  It also means that I’ve no sooner attended to my nails and they need to be done again!  Frustrating when I’m ridiculously busy and hence the occasional ‘hack’.

So why have I never had a manicure?  I guess it comes down to lack of desire, time and money.  I always have more important things to do than to sit down for an hour and have my nails done and all the while I’ve always felt more than capable of doing my own, I have done exactly that.

OK….why the change of heart?  I’ve been offered one by someone I know and I’m aware that she’s exceptinally good. I’ve known Dawn Sullivan for years through my hairdresser of 20+ years, Christian.  Also, my nails are far too long at the moment and I was just about to ‘hack’ them, when I was offered what I know will be an amazing manicure it felt like the perfect opportunity.

Dawn can do amazing things with nails, I’ve seen them and whilst I’m not keen on gel nails for me, I do think they look amazing.  I’m looking forward to having truly beautiful nails on Friday afternoon and may just go for a really wacky colour to celebrate.

Be assured that I will be posting pictures of my nails on Facebook to show you all the results, I may even end up becoming a ‘nail’ bore….who knows?

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