Todd: Spaghetti Agency…The best stuff happens outside your comfort zone!

Life is a funny thing, it throws crap at us all constantly but it also offers us endless opportunities if we’re only open enough to see them and accept the challenge.

A very, very dear friend of mine, Todd from Spaghetti Agency  put the following on Facebook a couple of mornings ago and it got me thinking, he often does that:-

The best stuff happens outside of your comfort zone…

Incredibly simple but so, so powerful!  We all have a comfort zone and I’m not talking about your favourite chair in front of the TV,  I’m talking about the comfort zone inside your head!

Your brain and thought patterns are where everything starts and we all spend every second of every day making decisions, whether they be big ones or tiny ones.  We’re all very conscious of the big ones, but the little ones, like whether to have coffee or hot chocolate, fly under our radar without even realising that we’re making a decision.

So, does it matter about all these tiny little things?  Well, yes!  Every little thought we have adds up to creating our character and attitude to life.  Should I have a skinny latte with no sugar or a hot chocolate laden with cream and marshmallows?  Does it matter?  Yes, it does.

I had a heart attack a few months ago and I’m having to watch everything now, my exercise levels, my diet, my sleep patterns, my stress levels etc..  Choosing the hot chocolate over the skinny latte is now, for me, a potentially life changing decision if I keep making the same (wrong!) one, even though I would much rather be in a comfort zone and have the hot chocolate!

Sometimes being outside your comfort zone is simply making the best little decision rather than the one that comforts you, being outside your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean jumping out of an airplane!

And although there were people disagreeing with Todd, I think they may have been missing the point.  If we never, ever venture outside of whatever feels comfortable to us then we’ll never learn what we’re really capable of.  Therefore, we may miss out on things that, actually, we really enjoy and would rather be doing instead of whatever you feel comfortable doing.  True of food, hobbies, adventures, holidays, work, and anything else you care to think of, we need to try different things!  Besides, that new thing that scared you will soon become a new comfort zone when you get used to it, time to push a little further out!

So maybe, don’t see your comfort zone as only being the big things in life, pushing yourself applies to EVERYTHING, and you never know, you might discover something that you may never have found if you didn’t make yourself a little bit uncomfortable!





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