Top Ten Google Searches

Top Ten Google Searches

Every so often I get the sudden urge to research something on Google, random stuff, stuff that’s relevant to my current life and stuff that I’ve always been curious about, whatever I look at always throws up an eclectic mix of rubbish, research papers, actual information and endless people’s opinions.

Dead Flappy Bird!

And so it came to pass last night, that I suddenly felt compelled to search Google to see what the most popular searches overall were, and the findings were quite fascinating.  According my ‘source’, the 10th most popular search is ‘What is Google?’!  Forgive my ignorance here but, if you’re using it then you must have a good idea of what it is?  Or am I wrong?….and I happily concede that I may be, just because you’re using something doesn’t necessarily mean that you understand what it is maybe?

Maybe not quite as surprising was that ‘Ebola’ was at number 5, obviously sparked by the concerns of millions that this terrible disease could become Global and checking their symptoms against the lists on the internet.

The World Cup was obviously in there as the list dates from 2014, and unsurprisingly appeared at Number 1.  Our insatiable appetites for celebrity gossip was very apparent with Peaches Geldof and Robin Williams both in the list at 3 and 4 respectively and no prizes for guessing that the iPhone 6 was at number 2!

Rik Mayall and the Grand National both made an appearance as well, Rik because he died at such an appallingly young age and was loved by millions and I’m guessing that the Grand National found it’s way in there thanks to people researching the ‘form’ of their sweepstake horse.

Rather more surprisingly was the appearance of ‘Flappy Bird’?  I’ve had a (brief) go at Flappy Bird and whilst pretty frustrating to play, I certainly wouldn’t have thought that so many people could have so much interest in it?  I’m pretty sure that it’s enigmatic, Vietnamese creator played a huge part though by removing it from the App store because ‘it had ruined his simple life’!  What better publicity could there possibly be?  Make something that drives everyone mad and then make it totally unavailable!  Why didn’t I think of that one?

So, an eclectic mix of all sorts that goes to prove that we’re far too obsessed with celebrity life, a huge interest in sport, obsess over Apples latest creation and tutoring on how to get rich quick with an annoying game.  I don’t know why I expected anything of deeper concern to appear…….but, believe it or not……I really did!  I might make this an annual game……..

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