Tracking down kids!

My children range from 12-22 and all still live at home.  There’s a tendency to believe that as they get older they get easier….it’s an Urban Myth!

At one point I had 4 children under the age of three and a half.  Now this was hard work and tricky but on the plus side I always knew where they all were.  Jamie at three and half did what she was told, Kacie was only one when the twins were born and couldn’t even sit up so she was always where I left her and obviously two new born babies were going nowhere.  Keeping tabs on them all was an absolute doddle, the endless nappy changes and feeding less so, but on balance life was less complicated and therefore somewhat easier.

These days they scatter gun all over the place and most of the time I have absolutely no idea where they actually are even though I always want to know what they’re doing and who with.

Let’s take today as an example.  Tomorrow is Nikita’s 16th birthday so inevitably I’ve spent the time Jess was with the three younger ones running around sorting out cards etc…

When I returned from my excursions it was to an empty house apart from Mirie who was puzzling over how to make a birthday cake!  So where were they all?

Right, Jamie is down in Surry helping with the opening of a new Peach Pub called The Chequers and is due back tomorrow.  Kacie is at work at The Almanack, Lorie was out somewhere (?) with Osborn, Nikita had ridden her bike (with permission) to her friends house and Pippa was out gallivanting in Abbey Fields with her friends.

All well and good until you come to the logistics of gathering them all up again!  Pippa has just phoned to say she wants to be picked up now but Kacie doesn’t finish work until 5 so I’ll have to take Pippa home and then come out again a little later to pick Kacie up.  Last night Lorie was out in the car she shares with Mirie so I had to drop her at work and pick her up again.  In the meantime I’d had to pick Kacie up.

Time management doesn’t even come into my life!  I can have my day planned with military precision but one phone call and it falls to pieces!  I constantly wail at them that I wished they could plan in advance so that I could do the same but to no avail.  Even the ones that drive are perfectly capable of going out socially and leaving their car because they won’t drink and drive for which I applaud them all but guess who ends up running them around the next day to collect cars for all four corners of Warwickshire?

Give me babies and toddlers any day I say, their needs are constant but so simple!!

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