Twin Tomfoolery!

Mother and Daughter time, it conjures up a vision of a little window shopping followed by coffee in Costa. All very civilised, but not when it’s the ‘Shanks’ involved!  My beautiful Twinnies, Lorie and Mirie, decided that such an occasion was called for and London was going to be the destination, this was never going to run smoothly!Lorie and Mirie shanks

You never know what’s going to happen next with the ‘twins’ in tow!

We eventually managed to leave and drove to the outskirts of the city and found a parking spot right outside the tube station, this was an excellent start!  The station was on the Central Line which took us straight to our destination without changing, also excellent!  We duly left the train at Liverpool Street and walked out of the exit, I’d been there only a week or so before and was confident that I could get us to Spitalfields Market without any issues……I was wrong!

Having left the station via a totally different exit, we started walking, and walking, and walking, eventually giving in to using our Maps on our phones.  That was all well and good but they kept sending us in bizarre directions, telling us we were going the right way and then turning us back in the way we’d just come.  I was bemused, I always use maps to find where I’m going in London and it works just fine but, this time it was just plain crazy!

We eventually found ourselves outside the Barbican station (no idea how we ended up there?) and Lorie decided the only way forward was to get on the train and head back to Liverpool Street along with remonstrations about how long I’d lived in London and, therefore, should know my way around better.  The fact that my life in London very rarely took me to that area and the fact I moved away 30 years ago had nothing to with it!

Back at Liverpool Street again after over an hour of wandering around we tried again, this time I believed I had this but having taken the wrong exit again we ended up walking through The Exchange which wasn’t quite my plan, but 15 minutes of walking and we finally arrived at our destination!

Typical ‘Shanks’ chaos ensued for the rest of the day!  Bemused stall holders were left in our wake, wondering what just happened to them, Mirie and I spent an extraordinary amount of time looking for ‘Dodger’, our nickname for Lorie whenever we’re out with her (named after our late but beautiful escapee dog of the same name) and passers by were left scratching their heads at the antics of this peculiar trio!

Vintage Market done it was deemed time to eat but there were very few options available that would satisfy the Vegan requirements, off we headed to Soho where every other building is a restaurant of some kind.  I’d been to a restaurant called Muriel’s Kitchen a week or so before and we decided to eat there, it has a lovely decor, good food, great service and reasonably priced…..they also have a table with four swings!  The swings were occupied when we arrived so we had to have a ‘normal’ table, but anyone who knows the twins will be very aware that they weren’t leaving without giving them a test run.

By the time we left the table was empty so they asked the manager if they could try them?  He was lovely and said they could sit there as long as they liked and then offered to give us some free cakes to take away with us!  That was it, their lives, in that instant, were complete!

The whole day was great fun and helped me to realise that my children are my best friends as well as being my kids.  We relaxed, we were honest with each other about what we wanted to do and we had fantastic fun, what more could I wish for?

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