Unravelling the mysteries of Twitter!

Unravelling the mysteries of Twitter!

I’m a little excited….well actually…..I’m a lot excited!  After 3 years of having a Twitter account and managing to work out how to Tweet, even re-tweet….I have, however, been stressing over hash tags, mentions, favouriting and all the bewildering symbols on the blasted webpage!  2 hours with Todd from +Warwicktweetup and I’ve got it all sussed!! 

2 HOURS……2 HOURS!!!  That’s all it took to learn about everything from hash tags to internet optimisation!  2 measly hours of my time after 3 years of mystery and misery!

If you haven’t caught on yet……..?

All of you sitting out there wondering what all the fuss is about need to get on board the Twitter bandwagon!  Twitter is not what you probably think, it’s one of the most powerful networking and marketing tools of our modern era.  I’ve known this, which is why I’ve been getting worked up about not understanding it well enough to utilise it to the maximum.  I’ve known I needed someone who’s an expert to show me but where on earth do find a Twitter expert that is actually a real, live expert?  Enter Todd and Jo thank goodness.  They are experts in all things social media and so much more.  In the total of 4 hours I’ve spent with them I have learnt more about social media and it’s uses for marketing plus a huge amount of other really useful stuff than I have in the ?? years I’ve been using a computer.


They also taught me everything I needed to know about blogging a couple of months ago, hence the much posher blog posts recently!  They could still be improved a lot but when I get to the point of needing to do that I know exactly how to commence.  They are my ‘go to’ people whenever I need anything that might hover in the ether that we mere mortals just can’t get our heads round.

Please forgive me?

So, if you will, please forgive me being brief today, I’m off to try out my new found expertise on all things Twitter!  Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the sheer volume of exciting, powerful and professional tweets coming your way!  Oh yeah, and if like me you’re still scratching your head trying to work how and when to use a hash tag, I suggest you get in touch with Todd and Jo!

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