Unusual…..errrrrr, toys?

The evolution of children’s toys

When I was a child I had lots of favourite toys from skipping ropes, Hoola Hoops, pieces of elastic, those klacky balls that left our arms eternally covered in bruises and bats and balls.  A similar thread ran through all of them, they were active!  I liked to be active!  My other passion was reading and with a limited number of books (the real kind obviously) I read each one over and over again never tiring of the story.

These days, favourite ‘toys’, seem to come in the form of an iPad, DS etc…, not so active.  And no, I’m not going to rant about the lack of exercise children get these days although being older does mean I’ve watched the emphasis shift over the years to a frightening level of sedentary activities.

I’m grateful therefore that my lot don’t like computer games, none of them do.  Maybe it’s because I have never placed a lot of emphasise on their entertainment value and so the Playstation I bought them many years ago was really only used because it had Singstar and quickly fell into a corner gathering dust when the novelty of that wore off.

I’ve also observed, as most parents do, that every large box that enters the house has been turned into anything from a cave to a rowing boat.  It’s every parents lament at Christmas that it would have been a lot cheaper to just buy a large box on it’s own!  

I am however delighted that the tennis rackets I bought recently have been used ad infinitum by all of us, a great success and keeping us all active at the same time.  My lot are past the ‘toy’ phase so hobbies are starting to take their place and watching their different interests emerge has been a fascinating process.

It was with a certain amount of bewilderment, however, that I watched the children fighting over a new ‘toy’ I came home with yesterday.  I’d been searching for said item for weeks after seeing one used at my hairdresser’s salon and observing how efficient it was.  This new toy?  A rubber broom!

Yup…..this is the cause of all the excitement!

I brought it in yesterday evening keen to try it on the rug in the sitting room, with 7 cats, 2 dogs and 7 women with long hair the carpet in our house gets covered in fur with alarming speed.  As I had believed it would be, it was extremely efficient and a darn sight better than the vacuum at getting all the hair off.  What I didn’t expect was the rush of every person in the house demanding to ‘have a go’!

I knew Kacie would be excited as she loves cleaning but Nikita, Osborn, Mirie, Janeks and Pippa?  No, not so much!  But there they were, all fighting over who should have a go next, at this point I was eternally grateful that I also bought the hand held version so at least there were 2 toys to play with.  

Such a cheap way to amuse them and I got clean stairs and rugs into the bargain!  Long may their fascination continue, at least it means the floors will be clean for a while!

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