Vikie in the Press

Here’s a list of all the press coverage Vikie has had recently, including TV and radio interviews as well as newspaper and magazine articles.

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  • Parenting a Child With Depression

    Young people in the UK are some of the unhappiest in the world… read more here 

  • Meet the woman behind Netflix’s most heartbreaking documentary

    Bafta-nominated director Lucy Cohen is de-stigmatising mental health with her portrayal of suicide… read more here


  • Lucy Cohen (director of Kingdom of Us) talks to Marie Claire…

    Documentary filmmaker Lucy Cohen kicks off our Women Who Win series, giving us some insight into how tough you have to be to hack it out in the film industry as a woman… read more here


  • Vikie talks to the Daily Mail about heart attacks and cardiac arrest signs..

    After surviving a heart attack, Vikie talks about the symptoms and signs she missed – read more here

  • Film Inquiry Review

    Powerful, unflinching, necessary viewing – read more here

  • Vikie interviewed for Good Housekeeping

    How my seven children and I survived my husband’s suicide – read more here

  • Vikie Shanks and family on the BBC – Kingdom of Us

    The BBC featured an article about the launch of the film – read more here

  • Kenilworth family’s recovery from tragedy made into feature-length Netflix documentary

    Front page news in the Kenilworth News – read more here

  • The Kingdom of Us review – knotty chronicle of family defined by single traumatic event

    The Guardian review of Kingdom of Us – read more here

  • British family with seven children who lost their dad to suicide are the subject of a heartbreaking new Netflix documentary

    The Sun featured Vikie and family during the Netflix launch of Kingdom of US – read more here

  • ‘Kingdom Of Us’: London Review

    Screen Daily’s review of Kingdom of Us – read more here

  • Vikie Shanks named as a top five speaker on mental health

    Vikie was mentioned alongside Ruby Wax in the article in December 2016 – read more here

  • Vikie and family on ITV discussing autism

    Suicide rates ‘worryingly high’ in autistic people – watch here

  • Vikie Shanks in Best Magazine

    Vikie was featured in Best Magazine – talking about her incredible life story

  • Vikie was featured in the Sunday Express Magazine on Sunday 20th November 2016

    Former model and single mum Vikie Shanks: Six of my seven children are autistic. Read more here.

  • Vikie Shanks wins award as Autism campaigner 11 July 2015

    Congratulations to Vikie Shanks, author of a forthcoming book on Autism, who won Carer of the Year for her Autism One on One support group at the Pride of Warwick District Awards last night.

  • Vikie talks on 5 Live about mental health and suicide

    Hear the story here

  • Vikie Shanks on Sky News 18 Mar 2015

    Vikie Shanks, the author of inspirational memoir Unravelled, was interviewed on Sky News.

  • Vikie Shanks at Best magazine Bravest Women Awards 2014 20 Nov 2014

    Meet the Best Bravest Women 2014 award winners
    Get to know more about the women who inspired us all.

  • Vikie Shanks wins at Best magazine awards 18 Nov 2014

    Vikie Shanks, the author of the inspirational memoir Unravelled, was a winner at the star-studded Best Bravest Women Awards 2014.
    Vikie Shanks was left with seven children – six of whom are autistic – when her husband tragically committed suicide and left her with £1 million worth of debts…

    Full details

  • Vikie Shanks on the BBC 10 Nov 2014

    Vikie Shanks’ radio interview on the Lorna Bailey show is now available to listen again here.

  • Vikie Shanks speaks at NHS conference 21 Oct 2014

    The video of Vikie Shanks’ talk at the NHS conference at Warwick University is now available to watch online here.

  • Unravelled into Amazon Top 100 08 Aug 2014

    Unravelled by Vikie Shanks has reached #57 in the Kindle bestseller list.

  • Vikie Shanks TV interview now online 28 Jul 2014

    Vikie Shanks’ TV interview with Ireland AM. Vikie has been generating a huge amount of coverage for her inspiring new memoir Unravelled, published by Thistle. Watch here.

  • Vikie Shanks’ daughter writes for Gransnet 25 Jul 2014

    Pippa, the daughter of Unravelled author Vikie Shanks, has written a blog for Gransnet.

    Understanding autism ‘We hear from 13-year-old Pippa Tompsett, diagnosed as autistic when she was three – and perfectly happy about that ever since! While it’s hard, sometimes, for others to understand exactly what being autistic means, Pippa is determined to climb the mountain that is social understanding.’

  • Vikie Shanks TV interview: This Morning 24 Jul 2014

    Vikie Shanks was interviewed on Irish breakfast television on TV3 at 9.10am.

  • Best magazine feature for Unravelled 23 Jul 2014

    Best magazine has run a double-page spread on the inspirational Vikie Shanks and her powerful new memoir Unravelled. Read more here.

  • Vikie Shanks on BBC World Service 14 Jul 2014

    The inspiring Vikie Shanks was interviewed on the BBC World Service, promoting her memoir Unravelled, which was recently published by Thistle, and has been generating huge attention.

  • Vikie Shanks interview now online 11 Jul 2014

    Vikie Shanks was interviewed this week by Talk Radio Europe about her inspiring new memoir Unravelled, which is selling extremely well.

  • Unravelled nears the Top 100 03 Jul 2014

    Vikie Shanks’ powerful new memoir Unravelled: The inspirational true story of a journey out of darkness, published yesterday by Thistle, is already up to #123 in the Amazon chart, and in the top 10 ‘Movers & Shakers’.


  • Unravelled launches 02 Jul 2014

    Vikie Shanks today launched the publication of her memoir Unravelled with an appearance on ITV’s This Morning. The book has gone straight into the Top 10 ‘Movers and Shakers’ on Amazon.


  • BBC interview for ‘Unravelled’ 25 Jun 2014

    Vikie Shanks and Lynne Barrett-Lee were interviewed on BBC radio about Vikie’s powerful new memoirUnravelled.

    Full interview (begins at 1:06:00)


  • Daily Mail serialises Unravelled 20 Jun 2014

    A saint of a mother: Her husband committed suicide leaving debts of £1m, yet she raised seven children – six autistic, two with cerebral palsy. And she’s still smiling


  • Vikie Shanks interview 05 Oct 2013

    Vikie Shanks recently gave an interview to the BBC, describing her experiences as a single mother to seven autistic children.

    Vikie Shanks interview

  • ‘Unravelled’ trailer 11 Mar 2013

    The trailer for Vikie Shanks’ Unravelled, produced by Maurice Smith, has now been released.