Vote for ‘Bigus Dickus’ day!!

Biggus Dickus and the downright ridiculous!

I admit quite readily that I’m a terrible giggler, it doesn’t take much to set me off, much to my children’s amusement.  It can be anything, a thought that crosses my mind, something the children say or something I spot that strikes me as slightly bizarre.  It’s all pretty random and can hit me at any moment.

It was therefore no surprise to anyone present when, during a quiz show the children were watching on TV, a question came up about something Latin.  As soon as the quiz master said it I was off as the first thing that sprang to mind was the Monty Python film ‘Life of Brian‘ which I’ve always found hilarious.

Vote for me and I’ll bring ‘Bigus Dickus’ day to the world!!!

The phrase reminded me of Bigus Dickus, the Roman Centurion and the effect was both instantaneous and extreme.  Jamie was sitting next to me as I accidentally snorted through laughing so much and saw fit to post on Facebook to the fact!  Thanks Jamie!

Osborn was equally as amused at watching me lose the plot completely at absolutely nothing apart from what was going on my head.  It went on for a few minutes as I kept remembering the scene in the film and it was a while before I regained my composure.

They say laughter is the best medicine which means there must be some pretty ill people in the world, those who never, ever seem to laugh at all.  As a self confessed giggler, I cannot comprehend the people I encounter who have obviously never cracked a smile in their lives?

So, is it down circumstance, attitude or just a genetic predisposition that some people don’t seem to know how to appreciate the downright ridiculous in life?  I truly believe that having the ability to laugh out loud at silly things is what keeps me sane, if I took every little disaster in life too seriously I would have been institutionalised many years ago for absolute certain!

So, I vote for a National ‘Bigus Dickus‘ Day, a day when we all focus on the ridiculous things around us that are just too silly to take seriously and have a damn good laugh!  We’d all feel a lot better for it….so, vote for me and I’ll have us all giggling away like nutters!

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