Wanted……Suspicious Individuals. To be captured and………

These guys are the ‘real deal’!

I told you all about the great ‘Shanks Home Makeover’ a few days ago but I thought it would be nice to talk in more detail about the perpetrators of this massive event.  Sneaky doesn’t even begin to cover it!  The little blighters really did have us all fooled into believing that at best they were going to have a 3 day chill out and at worst we would come back to a trashed house due to all the parties.  What we did come back to was beyond our wildest dreams!

So…let’s go through the guilty parties!  The whole plot was apparently conceived on a night in the pub when they were all together.  Somehow, three of the girls boyfriends came up with the idea and then roped a whole load of other unsuspecting parties in to help them!

First up is Harry.  Harry is Kacie’s boyfriend and just as ridiculously good looking as Janeks. He’s an absolute poppet who we all adore and he’s currently in his second year studying law at university.  He’s my resident computer geek and all round ‘can you have a go at fixing that please?’ guy.  Bless him, he always tries and nearly always succeeds!  A brilliant all rounder and definitely a ‘keeper’!

Harry..wearing an earring with ‘devil eyes’!! (I don’t ask)

Chris is my ‘son by another mum’.  He’s part of the family and pops up regularly from nowhere.  He’s another ridiculously good looking guy but not a boyfriend, he’s our resident ‘gay friend’ and we all adore him as well.  He’s often to be found loading the dishwasher or washing up and is a beautiful person.  He’s definitely a ‘keeper’ as well.

Chris….looking ‘cool’ I think?!

Janeks, I spoke about at great length a couple of days ago so he doesn’t need much of an introduction.  Again, ridiculously good looking (I love the decor of my house!!! ;)) and so, so sweet.  He adores Nikita and she adores him and they make the cutest couple on the planet.  Janeks is studying Performing Arts at College with Nikita so they’re made for each other.

Janeks….just sitting looking pretty. What he does best!

Ben is Jamie’s boyfriend and from what I can work out was in charge of requisitioning, collection of sofas etc…and anything else that needed doing including redecorating Jamie’s room!  He’s adorable too, and yes, ridiculously good looking as well of course!

Ben…..in a room decorated with tickets???? (again I don’t ask!)

Lewis is another of the girls friends who seems to have been roped into helping when he popped in for something else knowing the guys were there.  He’s on camera working away with all rest for which I’m eternally grateful!  Oh yeah….looks?  Yeah, you guessed it….as above!!

Berni is a friend to us all who also volunteered to help.  She painted, cleaned, polished the floor etc…etc… and like everyone else had virtually no sleep for 3 days.  A huge ‘thank you’ to Berni for putting such an enormous effort into everything.

Stuart I don’t know too well having only met him a couple of times but he’s another lovely guy who cleared the garden for us!  It looks fantastic and ready for us get looking gorgeous when the summer comes.  Thank you soooooo much Stuart!!

I think that’s everyone apart from some of the parents who seem to have been commandeered into helping.  I don’t know specifically who you are but my eternal thanks for your input as well.  The house has been transformed.

On that subject, the house has been transformed but is not looking it’s best at the moment!  Having it look so wonderful prompted various residents to start sorting stuff out!  The spare room has been pretty much emptied so that Lorie can have it as her bedroom but inevitably a lot of the rubbish in there has ended up around the house.  Fear not my noble benefactors, now that the tumble dryer is fixed, the boiler is working again and Lorie has nearly finished clearing the spare room everything will return to it’s former state as created by you!  I promise…..

It must be disheartening to see the beautifully neat and newly redecorated house looking less than wonderful but it’s all surface clutter, trouble is we’re all busy living there as well!  It will never be an ‘Ideal Home’ lookalike but do we really want it to be?  It’s home and everyone feels comfortable there, to me that’s the most important thing.  Like a sign I saw in a shop recently:

A good mother should have sticky floors, a pile of washing up, a dirty oven and happy kids!  Hopefully the happy kids bit is  what I’ve got?

The biggest thank you ever to everyone for the makeover and if I’ve missed anyone out I apologise profusely!  I love you all…..you’re all big hearted, very special people. xxxx

Just an aside.  If any of the above suspects are spotted, please apprehend on sight and plant a huge sloppy kiss on them from me!!!

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