Warwick Folk Festival

Warwick Folk Festival

I’ve never been to The Warwick Folk Festival before so when Vicki invited me to join her and a crowd of friends over there last night I was very happy to go!  After a crazy week in the Mad Shanks Household I needed a little light relief.

Only intending to stay for an hour, I was gradually introduced to everyone there and an interesting bunch they were too!  I met some great people and enjoyed great company.  However, the hour turned into nearly six!

Tour of Warwick 

We started at the Rose and Crown for a couple of hours and then moved on to the Lazy Cow after which we ended up at the Thomas Lloyd.  All great pubs with their own very unique atmosphere and some great Irish music to end the evening a the Thomas Lloyd. We were a jolly crowd joining in with the spirit of the event which was absolutely fabulous.  I’m a convert and will definitely be attending next year and the year after etc…etc…!


The Spa Strummers


I did boob though!  5 glasses of wine later and ten o’clock at night meant I was in no fit state to drive.  So, stranded in Warwick it was time for a bit of payback from my children!  Having spent the last 22 years ferrying miscellaneous kids here, there and everywhere, not to mention the vast number of times I’ve rescued them at ridiculous hours from all over Warwickshire, I didn’t feel too guilty ringing Jamie and asking her to pick the three of us up.
She was very good and came and rescued us dropping Vicki and Craig home first and then escorting me into the house.  I was a little bit wobbly!  I very rarely drink so when I do it goes straight to my head, having an effect that is totally disproportionate to amount I’ve actually had to drink.
Anyway, this morning I had to get a lift over to Warwick to rescue my car feeling a little bit like a naughty teenager.  Oh well, sometimes it has to be done in order to maintain sanity in a mad life!!
Warwick Folk Festival……see you next year!!!!

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