Waterfalls, work forces and….ouch!!!

Waterfalls and OUCH!

The pond has been looking very sad since we changed the liner and it was a project destined for the summer holiday’s.  Between filming and a million other things it didn’t, however, happen.  Yesterday was warm, sunny and in my mind probably the last day we would get to do the job in relative comfort, and so it was that Jamie, Osborn, Pippa and I were to be seen hauling rocks around the garden and trying the get the water ‘falling’ in the right direction!

After several hours of jiggling, readjusting, propping up and other hilarious shenanigans we finally had the waterfall going in the right direction and from the right height.  The next job in hand was to move every rock from the patio and put them back around the waterfall to complete the blasted thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wanting to finish this for years so I was delighted to actually be at the point where we were putting things back rather than stripping them down but there were a LOT of rocks.  Most of them were extremely heavy so I set about the task of moving them from the patio to the pond so they were all in one place and we could see what we had to work with.

Hmmmph….looks rubbish in this photo but I’m happy!


I pick up my umpteenth rock and started to limp towards the pond when disaster struck….I dropped it!  Yes…you guessed it….it fell on my broken foot which after six weeks is still not right!  As I hopped around screaming expletives the kids fell around in hysterics.  We’re not good at sympathy around here with most of us taking the view that if you’ve done something stupid you either shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place or you should have been more careful!  Eventually the pain subsided enough for me to stop the mad dance and sit down for a minute.

Then the strange syndrome that seems to pervade around here kicked in, I stopped, so everyone else stopped and came and sat with me!  After a few minutes I realised that work wasn’t going to resume until I got up and continued and I was on a mission!  The kids know when I’m full on a project because nothing will stop me!  I therefore stood up and announced I was going to ‘get on with it’ upon which I was joined again by my little helpers.

Four hours later every rock was finally in position but we’re about 50 rocks short of a waterfall!  This means there is still uncovered black liner where there should be rocks and whilst it’s taking the shape I’ve dreamt of we’re far from completing it.  Until it’s finished I can’t cut the liner back so it seems pretty apparent that this is how it’s going to remain for the foreseeable future, probably the whole winter.  On the bright side, the patio is now clear of rocks which means I can now clear the four foot weeds that have grown around them over the summer.  Every cloud as they say?

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