We can create chaos anywhere……even in hospital!

Confusion on the ward!

So I guess it’s really quite unusual for siblings to be on the same ward, having the same procedure at the same time?  Not strange for me, it happens all the time, with twins having appendicitis within 4 days of each other and Osborn and Pippa often having Orthotic appointments, physiotherapy, occupational therapy etc….as a block booking.  However, yesterday really did cause a lot of confusion on the Day Surgery ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital!

We arrived at the allotted time of midday and I went through to check in. First of all was the receptionist who checked and double checked the names, dates of birth, sex etc…before he would accept that I was there with 2 children. We then sat waiting for an hour before anyone came through for us.  When the nurse did arrive she called for Osborn only, all 3 of us stood up and she looked a little confused.  I explained that Pippa was there for her Botox injections as well and the nurse looked even more confused.  She couldn’t understand why she didn’t have both of them on her list?  She scurried off to check that I did, indeed, legitimately have 2 children there for the same thing at the same time.

Osborn….spaced out after the anaesthetic! (Sorry Osborn!)

On her return she confirmed that both were booked in but Pippa was under a different nurse, probably to minimise any confusion.  So far that strategy wasn’t working!  We then returned to the waiting room and half an hour later Pippa’s name was called.  We went through almost exactly the same palaver with her, eventually establishing that all were present AND correct.

After a couple of hours of paperwork, weighing, anaesthetists etc…we were finally called in as their beds were ready, fortunately next to each other!  The confusion didn’t end there though, every doctor and nurse that came to see them was baffled as to why there were 2 kids with the same name and only one mother!  I explained over and over again that they were both mine and yes, they were both having the same thing.

Wrist bands were checked exhaustively to make sure the right one was going to the right place at the right time and in theatre, having dropped Osborn in, I received puzzled looks from the staff giving him his anaesthetic when I reappeared shortly after with Pippa.   One even asked me if he’d just seen me half an hour before?  I assured him it was me and that this wasn’t the same child going in for the second time, this was a girl!

By the time the surgery was complete for both of them 5 hours later and they were safely back on the ward sleeping it off the confusion had been sorted and everyone knew the score.  They were sore, I was exhausted.

Osborn came round quickly and was soon scoffing whatever food they had on offer as well as the food he’d brought himself declaring on leaving ‘that their food was always shit’ and needed to bring his own!  Pippa slept for what seemed an eternity and had to be cajoled into eating and drinking something before we were allowed to leave.

Finally we had all the discharge papers and walked out at 7.30pm, the last to leave the ward.  Osborn was happy as they hadn’t put him plaster although they had told him they would, he’s got that to look forward to next week!  

All done for a while until the next time thank goodness, it’s a procedure that really helps both of them but the actual day itself is a complete pain.  Funny how Botox has now become synonymous with beauty treatments but originally was used on children with Cerebral palsy to aid their flexibility.  We’re all very grateful it exists and Osborn and Pippa’s mobility will be enhanced for a few months now until it wears off….Funny how the surgeons are never amused when I ask them to save me a bit though?

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