We get there in the end !!

We had family counselling yesterday !  It’s not because we’re a dysfunctional family per se, just that with so many people living in the same house and the huge amount of autism means that things very often don’t go according to plan. 

It does amuse me somewhat though that at counselling the children all put their hands up in order to speak whereas at home I just get chorus after chorus of ‘MUM !’ !!  So many at once that I have absolutely no idea who’s saying it and then when I respond they all talk at once !  Their autism also means that their short term memories are very impaired and they forget what they wanted to say as quickly as they thought of it in the first place.  This means lots of upset and tears because they didn’t manage to get in first.  We’ve tried writing things down and various other strategies but very often they can’t remember long enough to even manage those !

It’s hard, there’s only one of me and so many of them that I can’t possibly be all things to all of them.  I try my hardest and they’ve all adopted Osborn’s walking backwards technique to try to remember what it was they wanted to say.  Trouble with this one is that they start bumping into things and each other which just raises the stress levels even higher, especially when they all remember at the same time and the chorus begins again !!

I have it on good authority that I am very sane but I must confess that there are many occasions in my life when I dispute this !  This is especially true when all of the children are together and I’m pulling my hair out at the roots trying to accommodate all of their needs against all the odds.  If only they could form an orderly queue and I could call them in one at a time….a bit like going to the doctor ?  Sadly though this would impact quite detrimentally on the free flow of conversation, not that that’s exactly what I would call it, it’s more like a cacophony of noise where I catch the occasional word and manage to decipher what the question might be !  We kind of get there in the end….which has sort of become my catch phrase in life…..and actually….we always do ‘get there in the end’ !!

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