Weather Report!

Weather Report!

Funny isn’t it….as soon as the temperature in this country moves out of the 10c-20c range we get a weather warning and everything grinds to a painfully slow plod!  We’re getting it now, temperatures up to 33c and everyone runs for cover, strange how we all spend a fortune to travel 1000’s of miles to spend 7 days in those same temperatures, get burnt and then come home and, well, moan about the weather!  The same temperature that we go seeking for is alright, it seems, as long it’s happening somewhere else!


The same in the winter, we hear the word ‘minus’ on the weather report and instantly attack our nearest supermarket or petrol station to stock up on mountains of Rock Salt, so much that it would see us happily through the next Ice Age!  The shortage that always ensues ensures that the rest of us with 45 degree drives, and REALLY need it, have to resort to bumper bags of Saxa Salt!  Oh……how many times have I stood on our drive making lines in the snow, just wide enough for the car to get safely onto the road without sliding and crashing into the hedge on the other side šŸ™

Why can’t we cope!!!

That’s the time when we all spend another fortune going to some of the coldest places, with even bigger numbers with their minuses, so that we can tie planks of wood to our feet, grab a couple of sticks and hurtle down mountains, merrily breaking limbs in the process, all in the name of fun!  Back home, and back to panicking about minus 3 and scurrying out as soon as the weather report comes on the TV in order buy more copious amounts of Rock Salt!

And is it just us Brits?  I honestly can’t answer that question, but I do know when I lived in Spain many years ago, that the mercury rising above normal didn’t seem to as much as raise an eyebrow with the locals.  Which, therefore, raises the question of whether we live in SUCH a temperate climate here that we really can’t cope if the weather does something a bit out of the ordinary.  If that’s the case, then I guess we should be really grateful that our weather is so rarely extreme that it doesn’t cause much of an issue most of the time?  Mind you, it could be that our weather is so boring that anything unusual is a huge talking point I guess?

Either way, I reckon living in this ‘Green and Pleasant Land’ should be something we’re grateful for…..boring weather or not!

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