Wedded Bliss!!!

Weddings, wonderful times and….ooooops!

I have just enjoyed the most magical weekend.  The wedding of my very dearest friends son to his beautiful lady, Rosie.  What a fabulous couple they are, so happy together and a match totally made in heaven.  Two of the most wonderful people I know, it was  such a privilege to be invited to join them this weekend to see them make their wedding vows and then enjoy two days of festivities after.

The ceremony itself was a lovely testimony to their obvious deep love for each other and all of the words and readings had been chosen carefully to reflect that.  It brought tears to my eyes and gave me hope that love can be found with someone who loves you unconditionally and I really do believe in their case, for life.

The happiest couple on the planet!

Party time!

After the ceremony at the Pump Rooms the assembled throng walked over to the Town Hall for the reception while Jon and Rosie had some spectacular photos taken in Jephson Gardens.  We were served with fabulous Prosecco and canapes and we all had the chance to catch up with friends not seen for years.  The meal was fabulous and the speeches perfect.  The bride and groom had organised everything themselves and had made a fabulous job of it, everything was exactly as they wanted it.

In the evening there was a fantastic band and in spite of high heels and my foot still not being quite healed I danced the night away with all of the great people there.  And they really were a lovely crowd, reflecting the nature of the bride and groom.  It ended all too soon but there was more to come!

Hog Roast

The following day about 80 people were descending on Vicki’s house for a hog roast and party.  Kacie and I arrived early to help blow up balloons etc…. and by noon the scene was set.  People started to arrive and Kacie and I had made a pact that Vicki should have as little to do after as possible so we tidied and cleared as much as we could as the day progressed.  It was a fitting end to the weekend as people arrived and enjoyed the food and company of the bride and groom and their families.  Kacie oversaw the bar and whizzed round occasionally clearing rubbish away working like an absolute trooper.  She was in ‘work mode’ and couldn’t believe it when she was offered food and dessert, as if Vicki wouldn’t want her to!  She’s so used to her normal work environment which is very strict that she found it hard to adjust to a relaxed setting.

Fabulous weekend then……

And so it was that most of the guests had left and we were sitting in the kitchen enjoying a relaxed chat and nibbles.  Kacie hoovered everywhere and swept the floor as we finished making sure we’d cleared as much as we could and we decided at 7 that it was time to go.  I quickly popped to the loo and one of those ‘Oh Crap’ moments entered my life!

I’d forgotten I had my phone in my back pocket and you all know what’s coming!  It fell into the toilet!  Fortunately (as I know you’re all wondering!) I had already flushed!  I grabbed the phone and dried it on the towel whilst frantically pulling the back off and trying to dry inside.  I rushed into the kitchen and pulled everything out.  The gathered group advised putting it in rice which I’ve done before so Vicki appeared with a full bag of brown rice and a plastic jug.

Said phone is still in the rice so my first job of the morning after dropping Nikita into Rugby college is to go into O2 and see what they can do.  Thank god I had the common sense to take out insurance on the damn thing.  They all think I’m nuts in there so I guess wandering in with a jug full of rice is only going to serve to confirm what they already know!  Wish me luck?

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