Weddings and White Pencils!

Wedding panics and white pencils

My closest friend, Vicki, is going the be the proud mother of the groom next Saturday when her eldest son gets married to the loveliest lady.  Vicki adores her and they have a fabulous relationship, none of your ‘mother-in-law’ sagas here!  They are a fabulous couple and I feel very honoured to have been invited to the wedding. 

Along the journey since their engagement I’ve not really had anything to do with the arrangements, always more than happy to help in any way I can if asked but I’ve actually had the pleasure of sitting back and watching the everything unfold via my weekly coffee with Vicki.

White Pencils!

Feeling very lazy and wishing I could do more to help, Vicki and I were sitting outside Costa last week when the mother of the bride walked past and joined us.  She was trying to find white pencils for the guests to use to write on little heart shaped cards and she was struggling.  She’d looked everywhere and come up with nothing and was proposing a trip to Paperchase.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Paperchase, but to buy 60 white pencils in there (assuming they had them in the first place!) was going to cost a fortune.  I volunteered to see what I could find in order to take something off her list of things to do.


You would never believe that something so simple could be so hard to find!

A quick glance around the Internet confirmed that plain white pencils, are indeed, very hard to find!  One either had to buy a huge quantity or they were only available if they were foil printed.  I’m pretty good at solving problems and the simplest solution to this one seemed to be to ask some of the companies that personalise items if I could buy the pencils plain.  One company came back to me saying yes, that was fine, and gave me an very reasonable price.  Another said no problem as long as I bought 250 at a cost of £100 + £19.95 postage…..ouch!!! 

Panic sets in….

Feeling a little smug at having solved the problem and also very glad to have taken a tricky job away from the two mothers, a job that was going to be very time consuming for them when they already had enough to do, felt good!  Great, I was thinking, all done.  NO!  Never that easy.  Having had the email giving me the price I then spent the next four days trying to find out how to pay her quickly so that the pencils would arrive in time for the wedding.  After numerous emails sent from three different directions I was becoming desperate.

I never, ever say I’ll do something and then not follow through unless it’s something totally out of my control, I certainly wasn’t going to let my closest friend down!  As the days ticked by my stress levels became higher and higher, I even pondered a visit to Paperchase myself.  I’d looked at all the usual stationers on line, in fact I’d exhausted every avenue and was totally out of ideas. 

I finally decided to pay the price on ebay as if the pencils were printed as it seemed to be the only way to get the order in immediately.  I emailed the seller to this effect and she answered with, “If you want to pay over the odds that’s fine but you could just do it through my email address”. “HUH?”  I thought, “What send her my card details by email?”, not something I really fancied doing.  Then it struck me….I had totally forgotten that you can send payment via Paypal if you have someone’s email address and they have an account.  DOH!!

I then went onto Paypal, made the payment and immediately received an email saying the pencils would be dispatched this morning.  Relief!  I could have had this solved several days ago if my brain had jumped into gear sooner, all I can say now is that I’m grateful to have it sorted, knowing the pencils are on their way and the couple will have what they want on the day.  I can now relax…….maybe…….the bride’s bouquet may be the next thing to tangle with.  We’ll see!

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