Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers!

I’m going public!!!!  So, a bit of background.  Two years ago I broke a bone in my foot and was confined to crutches for eight weeks due to a lack of being able to rest it enough!  After that I couldn’t do much and, having been a gym bunny for most of my life the inevitable happened and I piled on the weight.  I just woke up one morning to find (ahem!), that I had gained one and half stone……..just like that!

Speaking at The Autism Show…not the best photo but the most recent!

My foot got better and life got tougher so going to the gym became increasingly like the impossible dream so I tried doing stuff at home.  I’m not the most motivated unless I’m actually IN the gym, so I still struggled, but managed to lose half a stone by myself.  Keep going I thought, this is great I thought……then life got even tougher!  Doing anything became a lost dream and slowly the half stone crept back on again aided by a bit of comfort eating!

Then a friend told me she was on the Cambridge Diet, I like the Cambridge Diet but somewhere between hospital admissions and acute financial worries I lost my way again.  Back on went the weight and a bit more just for good measure!  Now two stone overweight I was really cross with myself and forced myself back into the gym.

Now my regular readers will know all about the ‘extreme Pilates’ I did that first day back which resulted in a broken rib.  Seven weeks later I felt just about ready to venture back and managed a couple of visits, and coupled with healthy eating I saw a few pounds go.  Then my operation to correct a deformity in my foot came around and here I am, back on crutches!

Two weeks into recovery and I decide enough is enough, I researched weight loss groups (having given up on the ‘going it alone’ tactic) and decided to get some support with it all, knowing you’re going to be weighed once a week by someone else is a great motivator!

Enter Weight Watchers, again, I did it years ago after having Nikita, again with great success and searched for a local meeting.  I joined online with the view to going to the next available meeting but it was 10 days before I could get to one, partly because I’m on crutches again and can’t drive, and partly because of other commitments.

Finally, I decided to go to the Monday evening meeting with a lady called Melissa.  I had no idea who she was but was well aware that the leader of the group plays a huge role in how successful you will be, they have to be able to motivate people and advise them on the best way forward, without that, you’re lost.

Melissa turned out to be a fabulous, bubbly lady with an infectious enthusiasm that I found irresistible, but once I’d looked at the plan I couldn’t see how I could eat so much and lose weight?  The first week I had to take purely on faith and was astounded that I felt as though I’d eaten a ridiculous amount and yet I’d lost three pounds!  Happy?  I was delirious!

I follow the Filling and Healthy plan, which is so easy it’s just plain madness, and after a bad second week I’d still managed to lose a pound!  I was gobsmacked, bearing in mind that I can’t exercise at all because I’m still on crutches.  In my third week now and I’m confident that it will continue and I’ll get back to feeling like my old self, I was lucky, I happened to go to a meeting with a brilliant leader who runs a fantastic Facebook page and who I can contact anytime for advice.  I couldn’t wish for anyone better.

So, I’m putting a photo on this of me now, to show the world that I am, very definitely, chubby at the moment!  It will also serve to remind me why I’m doing it and keep me on track.  I will report back in a few weeks and let you know how it’s going, but I reckon four pounds in two weeks is pretty good!

I look forward to posting again with the new slimmer, healthier me!

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