We’re all on an emotional rollercoaster….HOLD TIGHT !!!

We’re in the middle of a crisis !  Well…theoretically Kacie is in the middle of a crisis.  Her final major piece for the art exhibition at art school has to be completed by next Wednesday and at the moment she has no idea what she’s going to do !

I took her on a trip to Hobbycraft last night to try and unlock some inspiration for her but she ended up more stressed than ever.  Her stress equals my stress.  I want her to be happy and confident about what she’s doing and can’t help but feel her very real pain.

The problem Kacie has is because she’s Dyslexic she tends to work in a very different way the most other people and her way works extremely well.  The trouble when you’re at college is that you have to follow the path they set and that doesn’t suit her.

For example, Kacie works in a very instinctive way.  She would rather decide on her final piece and then work out why and how she arrived at it.  This may sound bizarre to us ‘normal’ thinkers but I’ve watched her work on so many things over the years and it works extremely well for her.  On this project she’s had to do all of the preliminary work in order to arrive at the end point and she’s really struggling to tie it all together.  Dyslexic people tend to be very creative in a very unorthodox way.  Their brains develop differently in order to compensate for their shortcomings and this can result in very free thinking way ‘outside the box’ !!

Kacie thinks very much outside of the box and it’s fascinating to watch her.  She chose to do her final major piece on the subject of her father and how his extreme mental illness has impacted on her life.  A very personal subject matter and I know that she will end up coming up with something that is sheer genius because she always does.  In the meantime we have a week of tears, stress and an emotional rollercoaster coming up !

Hold tight everyone !!!

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