What colour are your numbers?

Rainbow numbers

Huh?…..you all said that together!  Well….most of you did….a small percentage of you will have a good idea of what I’m prattling on about today already!  Try an experiment for me, ask someone you know what colour the number 4 is, or if you have no access to any random strangers at the moment, ask yourself?  And take that look off your face!  This is serious science!

OK….you now have an answer.  If the person you asked, or you yourself, are now looking extremely puzzled, the chances are that they are pretty neurotypical,  If, however, they looked at you and after a little bit of thought told you what colour it is, the odds are they’re somewhere on the Autistic Spectrum!  

Tell me what colour your numbers are!

Ooooooh….a broad statement that…..and I know only too well that it is by no means a diagnosis!  However, in my recent research, I have found that people I either know are on the spectrum, and those I suspect may be, will always answer with a colour.  Neurotypicals will look at you with a baffled expression on their face and ask you what the hell you’re going on about!  Some autists will even tell you what shape the number is as well, the number 88 is a Blue Whale for Osborn!  

I think this gives us a fascinating insight into how autistic brains are wired and we could learn a huge amount from them.  Anyone who has researched how to improve their memory will have come across the technique of assigning pictures to peoples names etc… in order to make them easier to remember.  People on the spectrum seem to be able to do this effortlessly and in my experience with my children enables to remember much, much more than most.

I envy this talent as my memory with regard to things like names is useless and no matter which technique I try it never seems to improve.  On the other hand, my children have the memories of the proverbial elephant!

Please let me know!!

In the meantime please ask people what every number is and please let me know as I really am doing some research on this, so far everyone I’ve asked assigns the colour white to number one!  One person I know has no green numbers and on further discussion it came out that he doesn’t like green food either!

I really would like to know what yours or anyone else’s colours are so please do get in touch.  You can use the link below and I’ll let you all know my findings in the future.

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