What’s your ‘failed tool’ story?


Ever made what feels like a major decision, started it, felt triumphant and then been thwarted just when you feel as though you’re winning?  Yeah….me too!  Yesterday.

The garden, whilst I love it, is a constant thorn in my side all year round.  In the summer it all grows far too quickly and I always feel as though I have more important things to do than get the lawnmower out, and in the winter it always needs tidying due to the lack of attention it’s received in the summer.  Can’t win.

So, yesterday, feeling pretty awful with a stupid cold that I thought I’d pretty much beaten which then returned with a vengeance in the morning, I decided that as the brain was very much on strike I’d do something physical that required limited brain power but would leave me feeling as though I’d actually accomplished something.  Enter the garden shed.

So near and yet so far……..

I grabbed the weedkiller and zapped the plants growing around the patio next to the house, not exactly a major feat but at least I’d done it.  Returning to the shed I pondered my next task.  With Osborn having promised to get the lawnmower out the next day and cut the grass just before it turns into a jungle, my eyes alighted upon a tool that hasn’t seen much use since bought a few years ago….the edger.

Aha…..thought I, let’s go around the paving slabs that were once the path leading to the gate before Osborn mows so that it looks neater.  It was that or get the strimmer out to attack the nettles growing near to the side gate.  Too much energy required for that so the edger it was.  Mustering up as much enthusiasm as I could in lieu of the lack of energy I was experiencing I set to it.

I’m always amazed when a tool actually works so when I successfully dug the damn thing in and it cut easily I was spurred on with excitement, this was going to take less time than I thought.  I merrily cut around the first slab chucking the debris behind me with gay abandonment and looked at the last corner seeing the end in sight.  I enthusiastically stuck the edger in the turf only to be left holding the handle.  Shit!!!

My disappointment was hugely disproportionate to the situation, I wanted to cry.  I didn’t, of course, but I wanted to.  I looked up the path to the other 25 slabs that I’d had visions of clearing before bed and sadly realised that it was past 4.00pm so all DIY shops would be closed, therefore, getting another one was out of the question.

So, did I return to the tool shed and look for another job to do?  No….I was far too traumatised….I threw the broken tool into the bin with more than just hint of mania, shut the shed and hit the kitchen.  I would cook instead!

I have no idea where I got said tool from but it must have been cheap to break so easily, so one of my tasks today is a trip to Homebase to acquire a new one that will work on more than one paving slab.  And the task will be completed before I go to bed tonight….I am determined.

Please wish me luck in my quest to find an appropriate implement that will actually do ‘what it says on the tin’!

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