What’s your idea of success?

What is Success?

One question….millions of different answers!  We all have our own very unique gauge when it comes to quantifying what success is and for a lot of people it’s an answer that is ever evolving.  Our definition of success at age 20 is very rarely the same as at age 40, our lives change and therefore our priorities.

So, what’s my definition of success? There isn’t a quick simple answer to that question as I already feel so blessed in so many ways, everything else that may come along is just the proverbial ‘cherry on the top’!  

Oh…..how true is this?

I do, however, know what my number one quantification of success is, that in spite of a lot of negative crap happening in their lives, generally, my children are happy, motivated, well behaved and caring.  What more could I wish for?

Well, I regard having kept my family together when it seemed it wouldn’t be possible as another success story in my life.  So far, so good, I’m pretty successful then!  But I want more success and on Wednesday night I got it, in bucketful’s.

First of all I attended an ASD support group that I go along to every month and received fantastic feedback with regard to Autism One on One and how everyone was very keen for it to continue.  Success!  People felt it helped and helping people because I can is another one right up there on my ‘success’ thermometer.

Secondly, someone I hold in very high esteem (almost awe!) came out to the world via one of the most brilliantly written pieces on autism that I have ever read.  His name is Graham Todd and adore both him and his partner Jo Ciriani.  I’ve known them both less than a year but in that time they have become 2 of the most important people in my life.  We don’t see each other a lot (not as much as I would like to) but we’re in constant contact via the ‘ether’.

Todd and I have had a lot of conversations about autism and he suddenly realised that he is on the spectrum. Yay!  He understands himself so much better now but he gives me far too much credit with regard to his new found understanding.  I’m so glad though that I have been able to help in any small way and helping people and making a difference is way up there on my success measure! 

So I guess according to my own standards I’m actually pretty successful then.  Money is an eternal problem but having lots of it wouldn’t make me feel more successful than I do now.  I hope to build on my own idea of success for many years to come and make a difference to a lot more people.  Bring it on!

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