When the going gets tough, don’t visit Ikea!

When the going gets tough, don’t add Ikea into the mix!

In the words of the Billy Ocean song, ‘When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going’.  Well, that’s the theory anyway!  In real life, of course, this isn’t always the way things pan out is it?  When the going gets tough we tend to feel the pressure to such an extent that the last thing we feel like doing is ‘get going’.  It feels much more like a ‘duvet day’ coming on or even hibernation for a while, but ‘KEEP going’ we must!

The going is getting tough in the ‘Mad Shanks Household’, very tough, in lots of different ways but with true Shanks spirit everyone is rallying round telling me that all will be OK and that we will, as ever, work as a team to overcome.  I do love my kids positivity, I must confess that after receiving a piece of particularly nasty mail yesterday that I really did begin to feel somewhat beaten.  There’s only so much a person can do and I do sometimes feel as though I’ve reached my limit.  Unfortunately this came after an HS2 meeting so that ugly monster was at the forefront of my mind as well and I have to admit, it wasn’t a good combination!

I decided to take my mind off things by ‘doing’ rather than thinking for a while and see if I felt better.  I started said task and so far so good.  The rail that had fallen 3 days previously was cleared and disposed of, now to put together the fantastic bargain I’d found in Ikea the night before that was to solve all of my bedroom storage problems.

Excitedly, Osborn and I grappled with the cardboard box and managed to get it from the car to the kitchen where I was going to unpack it and take the pieces upstairs to be assembled. Being a particularly long box just getting the damn thing out was a serious mission, accomplished eventually as we sat amongst the debris of broken cardboard, polystyrene and instructions.  Last piece to disentangle and Voila!  Errrrrr….actually no, the last piece was broken in the middle in not one, but two places and was completely unusable.

Wish me and my sanity luck this afternoon!

My already tenuous mood was instantly sent rocketing over the proverbial edge and the screams of frustration brought kids running from every direction!  Osborn and I proceeded to fight the good fight getting it back into the packaging and then back into the car and I zoomed back off to Ikea in not the best frame of mind!

Once there I tackled the task of removing the wretched thing from the car and getting it onto a trolley.  Having acquired Herculean strength from the frustration of the day I eventually managed to get it onto the trolley sufficiently to drag it up to customer services.  Once again the whole thing was taken out and strewn all over the floor for everyone to trip over as the assistant wanted to view the damage.  Damage established I received my refund only to be told they had no more left….bang went my bargain!

As I trekked off around the maze they call Ikea to find a suitable, cheap substitute I considered my day.  It was 7pm and was therefore surely due to come to an end soon and maybe tomorrow would herald some inspiration and a better outcome?  Well, tomorrow is here, no….no quick solutions to all the problems but a slightly better frame of mind.  At the moment that is, I’m just about to go and wrestle with another Ikea box and the thought isn’t exactly filling me with glee.  Putting together Ikea furniture always feels second only to the Chinese water torture as far as I’m concerned, but with an Osborn in the house I know we’ll get it done and my bedroom will once again resemble a bedroom.

Wish me luck everyone, things can only get better…….can’t they?

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