Where did the future go?

Where did the future go?

Once so bright and clear

now, shrouded only with fear

Where did the future go?

Once full of dreams

Now nothingness as far as my mind can see

Where did the future go?

The excitement of things to come

The pleasure of building lives

Oh, where did the future go?

My mind muffled and bound

My body weighed down with a thousand stones

Oh please, where did the future go?

My love of life and family

My dreams to build a better world

So sad, the future has gone

But maybe, in time, the future will return

Maybe in time the tunnel will open up

Maybe in time, life will be fun

Maybe in time, my passion will return, the weight of the stones lifted

But….for now…ride it they say

Get through each day any way you can

Keep the faith and believe in your dreams

Stay with us and we’ll carry you through

Know you’ll rise again and be you once more…….


3 thoughts on “Where did the future go?

  1. Yup. That’s exactly how it feels. You have to hold life together the best way you can, never believing, the future will return, but doing it just in case it does 🙂 xx mol

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