Who invented ‘English’ courtesy of Mirie!!

Oh dear….more fun and games with the kids yesterday!  It was Nikita’s 16th birthday and she wanted to go to Starbucks first and then to the Holiday Inn for dinner.  All great.

Before our trip out I had to take her driving.  Now anyone who read the blog about the last time I took her will know that I didn’t fair too well and suddenly appreciated exactly what driving instructors endure all day every day!  Once again I would like to kneel at their godlike feet and pay respectful homage to each and every one of them!  But I have to say again, it’s Dave at Halo that I have the deepest respect for.  He taught three of my girls and I know them VERY well,  he deserves a medal at the very least and my eternal gratitude!

Anyway, Nikita and I got in the car and she started the engine with it in gear so we lurched forward.  Pippa was in the back and had taken the very sensible precaution of strapping herself in with not one seatbelt but two!  She wasn’t taking any chances, bless her.  With Nikita announcing what a wonderful driver she was we stalled, lurched and wobbled our way up and down the track.  She had improved a little on last time but when she announced she was ready to go on the road I did let her know that not only was she not old enough but also asked her what she would do if a car came in the other direction?  She would swerve apparently?  Hmmmmm………As soon as the inevitable headache kicked in I announced it was time for us to go to Starbucks and gratefully took the wheel!

We all had good fun at Starbucks exchanging funny stories about all kinds of things, mostly about mishaps the older girls had experienced on birthday nights out!  All funny, some worrying (for me) but a good laugh.

We got kicked out of Starbucks when it closed and wandered round to the restaurant for dinner.  There were seven of us as Jamie was still down south working and we settled at our table.  As the girls work there they knew everyone and we were looked after extremely well, the food was fabulous and banter continued.

Then Mirie had one of her ‘moments’, bless her!  She’s so bright but she can be so very blonde at times.  She started asking about how letters and language came about.  So far so good and a very reasonably conversation piece.  It evolved over time we all muted.  That wasn’t good enough, she wanted to know who exactly who decided what letters would be in the alphabet.. Most of our language evolved from Greek and Latin I told her  Still not good enough….she was getting frustrated.  Someone must have decided that ‘A’ was going to be the first letter and designed it!  I told her weakly that I really didn’t know and suggested she Google it.

She then went on to search her phone for something she’d found about English and how many words are spelt the same but have different meanings.  She read them all out and everyone around the table was in agreement that words are read within the context of the sentence and therefore show us what they mean and how they should be pronounced.  She wasn’t happy with this either!  ‘But how do we know?’ she argued.  We all pointed out that we learn language from birth and so it comes naturally to us. ‘But how do foreign people learn it?’.  By this time she was distraught!

People do find it hard to learn English we all told her.  It is tricky!  She ended by commenting that we should have been more thoughtful when devising our language so that it wasn’t so hard for people from other countries to learn!

I wish I’d recorded it as the whole thing lasted about half an hour and was absolutely hilarious.  I do love my children!!

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