Whoopee!!!! Huge celebrations and driving instructors…..again!!

(With Chinese accent!) Ahh…so many lessons…

Has a parent ever been as proud as I am today?  My little baby Kacie (she’s 20!), passed her driving test yesterday.  Nothing too profound about that I hear you all saying.  Well, yes actually, it is.  She is severely Dyslexic and took her theory test no less than 11 times in order to eventually scrape through.  Is she lacking in intelligence?  Actually the opposite is true, she verging on being a genius but her Dyslexia affects her in many different ways including her short term memory along with the usual encoding and decoding difficulties.

The theory test really is not user friendly for anyone, I’ve see some of the questions…ambiguous or what?  I would struggle to comprehend what answer they are actually looking for on some of them so Kacie found the whole process almost impossible.  I’m proud of her not for passing her practical first time but the fact that she has persevered against the odds in order to get through the almost impossible (for her) theory test.

Frustration abounds

Whilst in the process of taking her theory time and time again I tried in vain to find her assessment document stating that she is, indeed, Dyslexic but to no avail.  With the document she could have had someone sit with her in the exam to help re-word some of the questions if she needed them to.  This would have helped her enormously.  Imagine my overwhelming frustration on sorting some old boxes of paperwork a week after she finally managed to pass only to find said document just a few days too late!

Frustrating yes, did it stop her from carrying on regardless….no!  I know of so many young people who give in after failing the test just once and it’s so sad, Kacie however has learnt from me and doesn’t know how to quit.  She is, therefore, now a fully qualified driver.

The screams could be heard for miles!!


Credit where it’s due

I do however, have to give a lot of credit to the ever amazing Dave!  Dave from Halo in Leamington, the best driving instructor in the world!  Three of the kids have passed their test first time with him and I have attributed ‘saint like’ qualities to him before, I have no qualms about heralding his considerable skills again.  http://vikieshanks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/in-homage-to-driving.html  Every driving instructor deserves a medal but Dave definitely more than most.  He adapts his teaching technique to every student and is therefore able to teach anyone effectively, even those like Kacie, on the Autistic spectrum (Lorie and Mirie) or those with any other learning difficulties.

Keep up the good work Dave and stay safe….you’ve got Nikita next!!!

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