Why do we have ‘Bad Hair Days’?

Bad Hair Days!

What is it about hair that it can make or break how we feel about ourselves, so much so that there is even a saying about having ‘bad hair days’?  After all, it’s just a collection of cells that happen to grow in various places, one of those being on our heads.

Why am I raising this?  Well, I’ve just been to my hairdresser, not to have a ‘proper’ haircut, just to have a few more layers put in.  I’ve been going to Christian for about 20 years and wouldn’t dream of going to anyone else as he is the most amazing hairdresser I’ve ever found, but for some reason over the last few cuts the layers have grown longer and therefore my hair has lost some of it’s ‘bounce’.

Messy hair was definitely NOT the way to go in the 80’s!

He happily ran a few more layers through and didn’t charge me for doing it, he’s good like that, always trimming my fringe between cuts because the blasted stuff grows so quickly I look like a shaggy dog within a couple of weeks!  I know it needs doing when I start crashing into things and walking under oncoming traffic, dead giveaway!

Back to the aforementioned trim.  I didn’t feel right, not bad, just….not right.  Now, having had it done, I feel ‘right’ again!

So, is it the way it looks or is it the feel or is it something altogether more subconscious?  I’m sure I don’t know but what I do know is that everyone I know is the same, we all comment, fiddle and act differently when our hair isn’t right.  Even the guys I know!

I can happily go without make up and feel fine, I can slop around in jeans and feel fine as long as my hair is looking OK, it mystifies me!  My daughters are the same, most of them slap on their make up in minutes and then spend an inordinate amount of time in comparison doing their hair.

Talking about this has made me question whether the current (and long lasting!) trend for messy up do’s and ‘rat tailed’ hair has come about because of our obsession with it looking right?  Maybe some clever hairdresser came up with the idea that if the trend was for hair to look a mess in the first place we’d all feel a lot better about it?  It’s certainly easier than it was in the 70’s and 80’s when immaculate was the ONLY way to go AND we didn’t have the extraordinary number of gadgets available to us that we do now.

There seems to be a tool for everything!  Anyone else remember leaning precariously across the ironing board and using the iron to straighten their hair?  ‘Elf and Safety didn’t come into it, and yes, I burnt my forehead a few times as well!

So, long live the messy look, even if it doesn’t solve the bad hair days, at least we can pretend it’s deliberate!

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