Why having a Plan ‘B’ is a really bad idea!

Why having a ‘Plan B’ is a bad idea!

A lot of people think I’m wrong to have brought my children up believing that having a plan ‘B’ is a bad idea, most parents will encourage their children to take a ‘safe’ GCSE, like Business Studies, so they have something to fall back on.  I was criticised when mine were choosing their options because I allowed them to take all creative subjects.  What?  No back up plan?

The dreaded Plan ‘B’!

Errrrrrrrr……no.   Why not?  Simples, if you have a Plan B you will fall back on it as soon as the going gets tough in Plan A, thereby, giving up on your passion, your dream.  We all need something that drives us to strive for better things and for most people money just isn’t enough incentive.  Sure, we need enough of the stuff to keep a roof over our heads and feed our families, but is life really just about survival?  I know plenty of lawyers and accountants who hate their jobs, even though they’re well paid and have lovely lifestyles, but to spend a huge proportion of your life doing something you hate is surely tantamount to mere existence without meaning.

And I’m not suggesting that we should all be running around brandishing banners and fighting for World Peace (although if everyone joined in it would sort itself out anyway!) and I’m also not suggesting that we should starve in order to follow our passion.  What I have encouraged my children to do though is to find something they’re happy enough with so they can pay their bills which therefore allows them enough free time to pursue their real passion.

For Kacie it’s fashion design, for many of the others it’s the performing arts, they’re following their hearts and doing what they love with a view to it one day being their full time occupations, in the meantime, they’re not stuck in jobs they hate with nothing to look forward to or strive to achieve.

They have formed a band, they write music, they make films with film makers they know, apart from the film we’re all making as a family.  Kacie makes most of the clothes I wear when I make TV appearances, TEDx talks etc…. In a lot of ways they’re already living the dream!

And I’m also proud to say that they are all unemployable, just like me!  Why is that a good thing?  Well, I think I’ll save that controversial one for another day!

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