Why is 3, 5 and 7 a problem?

Bourbon Biscuit Numbers…….?

A lot of people don’t like odd numbers and I accept their preference, however, we do need all of those other odd ones don’t we?  My children, almost without exception, don’t like odd numbers and this has caused much inconvenience and, dare I say it, meltdowns over the years.

Now……what’s wrong with this picture?

Some things in life just can’t come in even numbers, books don’t always have an even number of pages, maths answers are often odd, as I’ve have found to my constant distress, and how many steps you take from the car to the house really does depend on where I’ve parked it.  

And so this particular little niggle has followed me through the last 20 ish years of my life making it tricky at times to say the least, but we’ve always managed to overcome.

Yesterday, though, had me in stitches!  I buy 2 packets of Bourbon biscuits a week, no more, no less, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  I buy them because Osborn has always had a bit of a thing about them, ever since he was a tiny toddler and would throw them across the room if there was the tiniest chip out of the corner screaming “I want a fixed biscuit!”.  To this day I place them very careful in the trolley so as not to break them, even though this particular issue has long since ceased to annoy him.

What made me laugh yesterday however, had nothing to do with the Bourbons being broken, it was about numbers!  Jamie must have……ahem…..counted the number of biscuits in the packet, because when Osborn appeared she had a go at him.  Apparently, three biscuits were missing and she had decided that he must be the offender.

His response sent me into one of my famous fits of giggles as he rounded on her indignantly and told her in no uncertain terms that……..”I NEVER eat an odd number of Bourbons!”.

Comments like that are no rarity in our house, it’s just that sometimes they kind of highlight what we all take for granted as being perfectly ‘normal’!  This was one of those occasions and made me realise that I actually delight in my children’s differences, long may they stay around to amuse me!

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