Why your business needs Spaghetti!

Spaghetti….the good, the bad, the ugly and all the reasons why your business should be using it all the time!

I love Spaghetti, I think most people do, well, pasta anyway.  The trouble with Spaghetti is that it’s such messy stuff to eat and having tried every technique known to universal eaters  everywhere I’ve decided the only safe way to eat the damn stuff is to cut it into bite size pieces and, basically, cheat! 

It certainly isn’t a first dinner date material though is it?  You try being sexy and seductive whilst slurping great lengths of spaghetti into your mouth along with the residual sauce that inevitably ends up round your mouth.  And you can forget the beautiful love scene in Lady and the Tramp, real life just doesn’t work like that.  You’re more likely to end up with the whole lot in your lap if you attempted what they effortlessly accomplish, the power of cartoons where everything goes just right!  Ahhhhhh….if only real life were like that…….

So charming, so romantic and so far removed from reality!

A much, much better type of Spaghetti!

But there is another type of Spaghetti that is much more user friendly than the long slimy stuff, I’m talking about Spaghetti Agency, formerly Jo’s Correctional Facility and now all grown up and smashing the world of online marketing!

Spaghetti Agency launched a couple of weeks ago at a launch party to end all launch parties!  Was it all high tech and large impressive branding?  No it wasn’t, it was thoughtful, detailed and way above and beyond the little touches like the Wagon Wheel cookies with the cute, edible, rice paper logos and the well chosen Western themed bunting!  The whole thing was Wild West themed right down to the food and the shooting that everyone was able to enjoy, but it wasn’t the drinks, food or theming that made it so special…..it was the people.

Howdy to y’all from Todd and Jo at Spaghetti Marketing!!

And what do I mean by that?  I organised events for 35 years and have organised/attended hundreds of launches, some of them having spent many millions of pounds on launching and re-branding.  But did they achieve the success they hoped for?  I question whether they did or not, in spite of throwing ridiculously large sums of money at it. And why do I question it?  The big launches all looked very spectacular but they didn’t engage the people.

People are everything, it doesn’t matter what you do, people buy from people unless you happen to be called Coca-Cola!  Even then, Coca-Cola’s adverts are always full of happy, contented people enjoying life to the max!  Still people you see….

Todd and Jo engaged everyone, not just on the night but for weeks before the launch as well.  They teased, coaxed, hinted and drove everyone nuts before the big night, by the time the 1st May came around everyone was on tenterhooks wanting to know what was going on.  And it wasn’t just the preamble that made it such a huge success, it was the relationships that Todd and Jo have with each and every one of their clients.  Now that’s how to do business!

You could almost dismiss the fact they are brilliant at what they do in terms of helping their clients, they are both so personable and lovely that you just can’t help but fall in love with them both.
What it boils down to is the fact that they really do care about the service they provide to their clients, they genuinely want the best for them and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that.  Also, what they don’t know on their specialist subject, you don’t need to know!

I have huge admiration for these guys, I’ve watched them at work, I’ve seen them tweeting for their clients at 10pm on a Saturday evening at a party, I’ve witnessed the respect they afford every person they meet and I’ve seen first hand the dedication they pour into their business.

Their new branding and website is awesome, if you haven’t already checked out the website then you have a real treat in store.  It’s about as fun and user friendly as it could be, walk into the Social Saloon for all things Social Media, for Marketing, go and see Todd the prospector, for Copy Writing and Proof Reading go into Jo’s Correctional Facility and for Training and Speaking go visit the Campfire!  It’s all there, your ‘one stop shop’ for everything you could possibly need and lots of fun in the process.

Their website is the most unique I’ve ever seen and if they so successfully promote their own brand imagine what they do for you and your brand?  Your business needs Spaghetti much more than you would ever have imagined!

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