Wisdom v Experience

Number one son ( and for that read, only son) turned 18 recently and decided that he is now an adult and can do whatever he likes!  The house rules state that if anyone wants to go away they check in with me first, we live a complicated life that requires planning, and sometimes, we need to be sure that someone is at home to monitor certain stuff. Therefore, even Lorie and Mirie, at 21, still check with me before they plan anything that will take them away for more than 24 hours or overnight.

Osborn recent

Turning 18 is a big one for some, but coming of age doesn’t automatically mean you know everything!

Osborn decided he was going to Düsseldorf for the weekend (well……he had 20 hours there) and didn’t check with me first.  We had words about that but he’d booked it, so he was going, I wasn’t going to stop him, it wouldn’t be fair and it was a good learning curve for him.

Firstly, he booked the cheapest flight he could find, going from Stanstead, the worst airport he could have chosen in view of our location in Warwickshire.  He then went online to book all of the trains and tubes he needed to get to Stanstead for 0400, not an easy task and by the end of it he realised it would have been cheaper (and a lot easier) if he’d paid a little more for his ticket and flown from Birmingham.  He wanted to book everything himself, in spite of my offer of help, so he learnt the hard way, not a problem with that, some people have to learn the hard way, they think they know everything they need to know until proved otherwise!  But even he was wise enough to say on the way to Coventry station that this would be the hardest trip he ever took as he’d learnt so much from the experience!

Thank goodness our wonderful friend Lucy (who he’d arranged to stay with for the evening in London)  had booked him an Uber cab to take him to Liverpool Street station for 0100 to get his train to Stanstead, otherwise he would have been walking through London for 2 hours in the middle of the night!  She wasn’t about to let that happen so the options were either, she walk with him though the night (not an option she was keen on), or, he took the cab that she had booked for him!  Lucy is not the type to give him a choice, so, cab it was, much to my relief!

I warned him that if he got lost or broken whilst in Germany he would be in big trouble, he did actually return in one piece having had quite a boring time over there because he hadn’t planned what he was going to do for 20 hours.  Being a typical man, wandering around the shops for hours was not to his taste and there were, apparently, a lot of H & M’s over there! It also turns out that he spent most of his day looking for places to charge his phone, another lesson learnt, he has an emergency charger that he took with him but he hadn’t charged it!!

I guess his first experience of travelling at his young age is a lesson for all of us, cheapest isn’t always the best or easiest!  Sometimes, the cheapest turns out to be more expensive once you add in all the extras, as he had to.  It’s always worth doing a bit of research.  As the saying goes “Wisdom is learning from other people’s mistakes, experience is learning from your own mistakes”.  I personally prefer to choose wisdom whenever possible, but maybe that’s an age thing?


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